Scooting Boots Line Dancers at KC Primrose

By | July 12, 2015

Kansas City, MO, Retirement Communities

We had the pleasure of being entertained by the Scooting Boots line dancers. Mia and her gang showed us some very impressive moves! Mia is the daughter of our residents Jim and Rosemary Thompson, and her group has been performing for over a year around the Kansas City area.

We did have quite a surprise, though, when Jim got up and danced with them! He had been practicing with them so he could be a part of the fun, and he danced to “Cab Driver” and a couple other songs. As you can see in the video, Jim has got the moves!

The group performed here at Primrose for over an hour, and our residents sang and clapped through many of the songs. We are looking forward to having them come and dance again! It is always extra special to see one of our own showing off their talents.

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