Comforting Canines at Mansfield Primrose

By | May 31, 2015
Senior resident with comforting canine

A Primrose resident enjoys time with a German Shepherd

Mansfield, OH, Retirement Communities

John Todd and his “comforting canines” Boudie, Emma, Axel and Viola are bringing happiness to a lot of people as he brings them to Primrose for weekly visits.

John said he started the program for a couple reasons, one of which is that he loves dogs.

“Also, I’m retired and widowed, so this is really great. Its therapy for me, as well,” he said.

John loves bringing joy to people and this is what his four-legged friends do as he walks around the community and makes one on one room visits while playing soft relaxing therapy music from a portable speaker that is clipped to a pouch.

The dogs know that, when this music is played, they are in therapy mode. The residents enjoy the music as well. He also has treats for residents to give the dogs but some of them supply their own for the visitors.

His four friends consist of two German Shepherds, one large king poodle and a small Shih Tzu. Three of the four dogs John rescued and personally trained to be therapy dogs.

Residents look forward to the weekly visits from John and his friends. When residents were asked what they liked about seeing the dogs, Rosemary commented that “It makes me feel good that I have a good friend that’s a dog, I think the dogs visiting are good because they accept me for who I am.” Another resident, Ruth, said that “They are such beautiful creatures, I love how Viola, the Shih Tzu, loves to plop down on my lap and I can hold her close and give her kisses, I am so happy to see them.”

by Angela Gardner
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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