Show-n-tell at Kansas City Primrose

By | May 7, 2015
The many pieces for art by Ralph Shackelford

The many pieces for art by Ralph Shackelford

Watch out for Mr. Snake

Watch out for Mr. Snake!

Kansas City, MO, Retirement Communities

We recently had show-n-tell at Primrose of Kansas City. We invited every resident to bring an item, whether it was something they made, won, bought or was just special to them in some way.

There were many interesting pieces on display, one of which was made by a resident named Mildred. Mildred spent an entire summer and fall working on a cross stitch of the last supper. It is amazing, and she had it framed and gave it to her husband as an anniversary gift. He was the preacher for the Baptist church. The picture now hangs in her apartment and will be passed on to her son and his wife. Mildred cross stitched for over 50 years, and every family that attended their church received a hand-made Irish Blessing to hang in their homes. She has made over one hundred of these. What a true gift from the heart!

Ralph Shackleford has a talent of taking old airplane parts and turning them into something spectacular! He has made miniature mailboxes, a man sitting on a log fishing and a windmill with a pump that pumps real water. The detail that he put into his art is far beyond what most of us can do. He even thought about putting a coiled snake into the log the fisherman was on!

by Jill Hershley
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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