Cheyenne Primrose the “People’s Choice” for Second Straight Year

By | May 6, 2015

Cheyenne, WY, Retirement Communities

Cheyenne Primrose awarded second consecutive Peoples Choice award

Team Cheyenne brings home the People’s Choice Award. Justin Gorman, David Sheppard, Wayne Tubbs, Lisa McInelly and Leslie Johnson pictured left to right.

Chocolate Indulgence is a fund raising event organized by our local Kiwanis Club. This event is a collaboration of local Chocolatiers that donate their time and delectable delights to raise money for the children of Cheyenne.

With multiple vendors in competition for the coveted top honors of the “People’s Choice Award,” the road to glory would require a team effort. In preparation for the event, each competitor is required to not only dream of a tasty treat that would win over the pallets of hundreds of guests, but build 400 of those treats to ensure everyone in attendance has the opportunity have their taste buds wowed.

Primrose Retirement Community of Cheyenne had steep expectations considering we won the “People’s Choice Award” in 2014. The 2015 competition provided the overwhelming challenge of not only surpassing the expectations of the previous year, but to create a desert that was unlike any that might be served. To accomplish such a feat would require not only a strong passion for presenting Primrose in a positive light, but also a devotion from every team member.

The night before the competition various team members gathered in the Primrose kitchen after serving dinner to the residents. Each individual quickly took to a task at hand, whether it was building homemade caramel or hand pressing cookie crusts. Having the drive to complete our challenge, every team member stayed well in to the early morning hours to ensure the creation of the “Primrose Devilish Delight” was complete.

We are extremely proud to announce the Primrose Retirement Community of Cheyenne has won “People’s Choice Award” for the second consecutive year, and will be donating our winnings to the Raising Readers program of Cheyenne.

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