Springtime Fun at Sioux Falls Primrose

By | May 5, 2015
Springtime fun at Sioux Falls Primrose

Primrose residents enjoying the beautiful appetizers before the entertainment began

Sioux Falls, SD, Retirement Communities

SPRING, AS LISTED IN THE DICTIONARY, is the season in North America (March, April, May) when the plants begin to grow.

Sioux Falls Primrose residents celebrated spring with a tea party. When the residents walked into the grand room their faces lit up as they gazed upon the pastel spring colors and beautiful dishes. Some of the residents even came dressed for the party in their spring clothes and hats, and each enjoyed a cup of fresh fruit, a scone with fresh rhubarb/strawberry jelly, and a cup of tea. Our tea party started off with a ballet dance routine presented by Jamie Ferrie, daughter of one of our staff members Sandy Ferrie, which was followed by wonderful music performed by Elaine Peacock. Resident Eva Rehling said she enjoyed the homemade jelly, and resident Elaine Johnson said she loved the musical entertainment. Door prizes were given out and each resident received a small flower pin and a cute flower nut cup to take home.

by Lou Clarey
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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