A Letter from Lou

By | May 2, 2015
letter from Lou

They met in the corridor of the building she worked in. He was a young Dentist and she was a nurse in a Dr.’s office on Third street in Wausau. When she told him that she was planning to go to the Grand Theatre to watch “The King and I” on Friday night he asked if he could go too? The movie was at 9:00 and he showed up at 8:00, what was she to do but to ask if he wanted to go for a walk? They strolled up the hill from her parent’s house and she told him that someday she wanted to have a house on this hill because of the beautiful view. It must have been a great evening because she came home after the movie and told her mom “I have met the fellow I’m going to marry”. Three years later on September 18, 1948 that proclamation became reality when she said “I Do”.

Dr. & Mrs. Louis Podruch began their lives together after a “corridor romance” and three years of courting. Alice says he always made her feel special and that their love grew stronger as the years went by. They had a wonderful marriage punctuated by the births of four children and too many great memories to count. Alice and Lou had made the decision to say goodbye to the beloved home that they built on the very spot that she pointed out on that first date. The plan was to move to Primrose Retirement Community and enjoy their time together, but then the love of her life became very ill and she made the move to “their” apartment by herself, now on her own for the first time in almost 62 years.

Four years have passed and it was time to plug in the Christmas lights in Alice’s apartment. Robin, a nursing assistant, came in to help move her antique hall tree to get to the outlet. A small white note fell out from behind the hall tree. Alice picked it up and exclaimed “Oh my gosh it’s a note from my husband!” With tears in her eyes she read the familiar handwriting:

Dear “Punk”, May all of our years be filled with as much happiness as the first. I know our love will grow ever stronger. Your own, Lou

Sometimes God gives us a message of love from the very one we need to hear it from.

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  1. Lois Boyer

    I very recently found a note my husband had written to me just 3 months before he died. In the worry and exhaustion of his last illness and my move to Primrose in hopes they could help me care for him, that note was misplaced. Six years later it showed up as I was cleaning up after my later move from Primrose to another State. My mixture of joy and sadness was almost too much for me – but it was a revelation and renewal!


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