Primrose Resident Crafts Paper Bead Necklaces

By | March 24, 2015
Rosemary showing how to make a necklace

Rosemary showing how to string necklace

Finished paper bead necklaces

Finished paper bead necklaces

Kansas City, MO, Retirement Communities

Rosemary Thompson makes the most beautiful necklaces out of paper. Any paper she can get her hands on! The paper she likes best are the shiny ads from the newspaper. Today she shared how she makes these masterpieces with the other ladies here at Primrose.

Basically you choose the color paper you want to use, cut into triangle shaped strips, roll around a toothpick, use a little bit of glue, dry and then spray with a clear coat of paint. After everything has dried you use a needle and dental floss and begin to string them on. You can place small beads in between or crystals. No two necklaces are ever the same and bring joy to everyone. Rosemary even has her husband, Jim, cutting the paper for her! Rosemary is going to be a part of our craft show in May.

by Jill Hershley
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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