Betty Abernathy's Valentine's Day Poem

By | February 21, 2015
Senior Living

Primrose resident Betty Abernathy

Cheyenne, WY, Retirement Communities


There once was a woman
Who had a decision to make
It would not be easy
A chance she must take.

Could she possibly leave
Her wonderful home
They loved and built brick by brick
And stone by stone?

Many years of labor
Blood, sweat and tears
They built a structure to
Live in for 38 years.

But it takes two
To make a house a home
So reality set in when
She found herself alone.

A few years passed by
The time was taking its toll
Hired help was needed
To fix, irrigate and mow.

Then came this year (2014)
When reality set in
And she had to admit
“Another year-can’t do it again”.

“Nope, the body has aged
But still there is life
Need a place nice and cozy
Not filled with more strife”.

That woman is me
And I found by way here
To a Primrose Retirement Villa
A Place filled with good cheer.

New address is as follows
1522 Dorothy Lane
Still in Cheyenne
The zip code the same.

You are welcome as always
And I now want to say
Blessings, Love and Happiness
On this Valentine’s Day.

by Betty Abernathy
Primrose Resident

Special thanks to Life Enrichment Coordinator Lisa McInelly for her assistance in sharing this poem.

One thought on “Betty Abernathy's Valentine's Day Poem

  1. Tammy Pauling

    Dear Betty I happened across your poem and loved it! Hit home as I just sold my 4 bedroom home and moved into small condo. Thought I had done a great job downsizing until I actually moved. I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about big yard, mowing and mulch this Fall. I worked in DC area for many years and then in 2010 home & did billing for Summit Home Health agencies that my sister Kathy owned. She just sold them and I’m retired now for good!


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