Wausau Primrose 'Angels on Earth'

By | February 6, 2015
Resident George Tobalski and Krista Dallman, CNA

Current resident George Tobalski and Krista Dallman, CNA

Wausau, WI, Retirement Communities

“Thank you, you were Angels on Earth” she said. Heartfelt words spoken with a breaking voice by a grieving daughter at her father’s funeral. She was referring to the staff at Primrose who cared for her father through the end of his life. We are often privileged to attend services for our residents who have passed. Another sister at this service told of the tender care her father received from so many of the caregivers at Primrose. She described an evening when one of the CNA’s came to help her father get ready for bed. How she so tenderly helped him wash up and change his clothes for bedtime and how she tucked him into bed, taking care that he was warm and comfortable. Tears welled up in his daughter’s eyes when describing how gently his caregiver leaned in to straighten his collar and whisper sweet dreams. She looked at me and said, “I think she may have given him a kiss goodnight.” The gratitude expressed by all six of the adult children was overwhelming.

I wondered then if the extraordinary people called caregivers have any notion of the gratitude that families and friends of Primrose residents are feeling? Who are they and is that an appropriate description of what they do? Caregivers are educated professionals, with certifications, degrees and specialized training that qualify them to give the best care possible. Besides giving care, these men and women routinely give something else. . . their hearts. Working with senior residents is a dangerous job; an unsuspecting caregiver is subjected to friendship, advice, affection, life lessons and love. Sometimes when they least expect it they have that heart broken by loss. Yet they keep on giving to enrich the lives of people they care for. Maybe a more appropriate name would be compassion givers.

We were blessed to have been invited to share in this end of life epoch, one of the most private and emotional times a family will ever go through. As I visited with family and watched the slideshow documenting over 60 years of marriage, the births of six children, family hobbies, celebrations and so many happy times, I had to agree that sometimes God does send in “Angels on Earth.”

by Kathy Jamison
Wausau Primrose Sales Director

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