Butterfly Program Creates, Conserves and Protects

By | August 2, 2014
Residents observe Monarch butterflies

Residents Jean Ehman and Susie Tilly attending a Butterfly Release program

Anderson, IN, Retirement Communities

Last year with help from Kathy Cole we created a Monarch Waystation to provide milkweeds, nectar plants, and shelter for monarch butterflies throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration. During this process we have learned many reasons why there is a need to protect these beautiful creatures. Creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation contributes to monarch conservation and helps to assure the continuation of the monarch migration in North America.

During this process Kathy has brought butterflies to Primrose to release into the habitat we have created. Watching this process and having Kathy educate us on the life cycle of the butterflies has intrigued all of us.

by Lori Bottomley
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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