Margaret Carspecken Shares Some Advice on Aging

By | May 15, 2014
Margaret Carspecken and Millie Strharsky

Margaret Carspecken (l) and friend Millie Strharsky

Wausua, WI, Retirement Communities

Margaret Carspecken, a resident of Primrose Retirement for almost four years, likes to say “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!” According to Margaret, aging has so many “pluses.”

First and foremost she says it’s necessary to keep good health by eating lots of the right foods. Fruits and vegetables are very important to have in a balanced diet, she recommends going easy on the sweets even though they’re hard to resist! Margaret says exercising is very important, she walks the halls at Primrose every morning after breakfast. We have an exercise class with Sue (who is a certified fitness instructor) four days a week right away in the morning and Margaret never misses a day. “There is no time for being lazy” she says. When Margaret passes another resident in the halls she asks them to join her on her morning walk or encourages them to join the class. Exercise is a must for Margaret.

Time is a wonderful teacher and Margaret wants to share what she has learned. She says friends are vital for the golden years! She doesn’t know where she would be today without their love, companionship and support throughout the years. Having empathy for others is at the top of Margaret’s list along with being treated as you want to be treated. Margaret says that the things that you used to think were important aren’t really important once you grow older. She has learned that life gets a little bit easier and you’re not judged for who or what you are. As we grow older we start to accept one another for who we really are.

Margaret says keeping your mind active is essential. She keeps her mind sharp by reading good books, watching informative T.V. programs and movies along with playing lots and lots of card games (Bridge is Margaret’s favorite) she says that it really keeps her mind sharp and you should play as much as you can! She says challenging yourself daily is the best thing for you. Margaret says “the best thing to have in life is a good sense of humor, you can’t be too serious because what’s the fun in that!” Margaret has always believed in the virtue of working hard, she truly believes that you can do anything you want in life if you’re willing to work for it.

“The Golden Years can be truly Golden, stress free and indeed FUN!”

by Melina Rodriguez
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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