Aberdeen Primrose Volunteers

By | April 7, 2014
Colleen Kemp

Colleen Kemp enjoys sewing in her sunny room

Colleen Kemp

Who wouldn’t volunteer when you get to do something you LOVE? Colleen has been quilting for the past 10 years— but not just for friends & family. She puts together quilt tops for Needs Anonymous Association in Webster, SD. The group brings Colleen new and used material and thread. She cuts the material into 9 inch squares, then sews 7 strips of 10 squares each — 70 blocks sewn all together to make a quilt top. The group will then pick up the quilt top and finish the quilt. When completed they make sure they go to the needy. Some even go overseas!

Quilting is very relaxing for Colleen as she sits in her sunny room, listening to her old time records & doing what she loves so much.

Thank you, Colleen!

Vera Lilly

Vera Lilly holding the magazine in which she was featured

Vera Lilly

Vera Lilly’s volunteer work began back in 1943. She helped her Mom in the Pheasant Canteen at the Aberdeen Railway Station Canteen. The volunteer group consisted of concerned wives, mothers & daughters. They would prepare a menu of coffee, sandwiches, pies, milk & soda. The chicken sandwich was created from pheasant meat which was donated from the local farmers. As the young men & women got off the troop trains they came in hungry & were greeted with many smiles & appreciation for their service. Today Vera still volunteers to serve coffee and cookies at the museum, and also to tell the children & the community the history behind the WWII Canteen and the sacrifices our service men and women have made.

Thank you, Vera!

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