Wausau Primrose Companions 'Inseparable'

By | April 7, 2014
Bob and Bev smiling for the camera

Bob and Bev smiling for the camera

Bob and Bev enjoying the Balloon Rally

Bob and Bev enjoying the Balloon Rally

Bob and Bev at the Kentucky Derby Party

Living it up at the Kentucky Derby Party

The couple's Christmas photo

The couple’s Christmas photo

Wausau, WI, Retirement Communities

Bob Stebleton and Bev Heinz have formed a wonderful companionship along with great love and respect for one another over the past couple of years.

And from the first time they met, they have been inseparable.

Bob moved to Wausau from Ohio after his wife of over 60 years had passed away. His daughter who lives in Wausau thought it would be better for him to be closer to her and she had picked Primrose for him to move into. She stated that he needed to be around people and Primrose had a lot to offer him.

Bev, who is from Wausau, moved to Primrose for some of the same reasons Bob did. Her family knew she was a very social person who needs to have others around her to make her smile.

After getting to know one another, the couple even had their families meet and they enjoy spending holidays with each of them.

During Primrose’s 2013 Christmas Party we had a photographer along with “Santa,” and the couple had their picture taken and purchased several extra pictures to send to their families and the staff here at Primrose. It is very inspirational to see how they take care of one another when the other is not feeling well. Their smiles say it all: This is Living!

by Deb Meisel
Executive Assistant

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