Wausau Primrose Appreciates Volunteer John Webb

By | April 7, 2014
John Webb

John Webb

Wausua, WI, Retirement Communities

The winter of 2013-14 brought massive amounts of snow and record breaking cold temperatures. It was enough to make even some of the heartiest stay indoors. But it wasn’t enough to keep John Webb from bundling up in his warm winter jacket, hat and gloves to go out to one of his volunteer positions!

We implored him to skip going out on some of the dangerously cold days, but John would have none of that. He assured us that he would park close to the front door by where he was going. John has been volunteering since he was in grade school, but he is quick to point out that the work that he does is nothing special compared to others from his generation — after all, he is a member of the “Greatest Generation.”

John helps out by playing the piano to provide beautiful background music for a weekly community meal served at the Presbyterian Church. He ventures out every Wednesday to do some sorting and filing of records at the local Historical Society.

Thursday afternoons are reserved for playing piano at Happy Hour in the Primrose Pub.

On Friday afternoons you can find John at the Foundation Office of Aspirus Hospital doing some organizing and alphabetizing of paperwork. These are just the regular weekly volunteering jobs that John is faithful to complete.

In addition, he has tuned the pianos at his church for 35 years, and chaired the committees to refurbish a spectacular pipe organ at his church and to refurbish the Kilgen Organ at the Grand Theatre.

For many years the Kilgen Organ provided music and sound effects to accompany silent films at The Grand. A local philanthropist asked if John would play the organ every Friday and put out a bucket for donations to help fund a restoration, after several months the bucket had garnered $800.00 so the generous gentleman upped the ante by donating $100,000 himself!

John says “I am just trying to give back a small portion of what’s been given to me.”

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  1. Diana Webb

    I am John Webb’s first cousin. My father, Harold Webb, and his father, George Webb, were brothers. Please pass along my regards to John.


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