Cheyenne Primrose Resident Marilyn Bishop's Worldwide Journey

By | March 28, 2014
Marilyn Bishop

Marilyn Bishop

Cheyenne, WY, Retirement Communities

Let me introduce myself: I’m Marilyn Bishop and I’m a Wyoming born-and-raised native. My life was very ordinary and normal until the late 1960s, and then my life became a changing journey.

My husband James came home from work one day and just said, “We’re going to Kuwait.”

Well, needless to say, I was stunned by this news flash. James was offered a position with the State Department in Kuwait at the American Embassy. Then came even better news: I would be able to have a teaching position at the American school there.

However, as in anyone’s life, a few bumps came along. The position was to teach English language to foreign students, which meant I needed to learn to speak Arabic, and I did learn.

At this time my 4 year old son Tim was getting excited about going to kindergarten so I had to tell him where Kuwait was in this big world.

We left Cheyenne to Denver then to London, England, and five days later we arrived in Kuwait at 3:00 AM in the morning. The door opened and it was the 3rd of August and the temperature was over a 100 degrees — a blast furnace climate, we were at our new home.

As we settled in to our new life at Kuwait we made so many new friends from all over our world. It was a wonderful time as we were able to travel all over the Middle East and the Far East and all of Europe. I love history, and this journey took all of us around the world to India, Iraq, Ireland, Hong Kong, Africa, Nepal and so many other countries that it would take too much time to write them all down here.

Every country gave the gift of learning about their culture, along with meeting so many wonderful people.

My son Tim grew up well-traveled and to this day turned out to be a great human being and all around nice guy.

So as life goes I’m back where I started — in wonderful Cheyenne, and know how blessed I am. Today I look around and know how very lucky I am, as I live at Primrose now, and I have made so many loving friends here, and what a wonderful gift I have been given. This is my time to share some great global stories with all of you. I can promise you it will be a hoot.

by Marilyn Bishop
Cheyenne Primrose resident

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