Pueblo Primrose Recognizes Three Outstanding Employees

By | March 12, 2014
Sandy, Tina & Glinda

From left to right: Sandy Beizaee, CNA, Tina Hernandez, Administrative Assistant and Concierge, and Glinda MacKenzie, Director of Dining Services

Sandy Beizaee, Tina Hernandez and Glinda MacKenzie all started on 6/28/10 just before the Pueblo Primrose opened in July of 2010 and have been here “the longest”. Tina Hernandez, Administrative Assistant and Concierge, Glinda MacKenzie, Director of Dining Services/Housekeeping and Assistant Executive Director and Sandy Beizaee C.N.A will all hit their Fourth Year Anniversary in just three months.

“In addition to having been here when we opened, they are all team players, outstanding to work with, and truly make a difference in the lives of residents, family members and staff members. This Life Enrichment Coordinator is thankful to know and work with them.” — Barbara Della Rossa

Why did they choose to work for Primrose?
Sandy was driving up Outlook, noticed the sign, drove past, saw how beautiful the building was and decided she definitely wanted to work here. Glinda had been working with the Department of Corrections and thought Seniors would be a welcome change. For Tina who had just moved back to Pueblo from Denver, she knew it was just what Pueblo needed, a beautiful and brand new community on the north side.

Some of their favorite memories of working here?
Sandy has brought much joy to many residents by the simple act of dancing with them at musical events and has loved the parties and special events held for both residents and staff. Glinda remembers the excitement, laughter, and teamwork exhibited amongst the entire team that opened our building together that summer of 2010. Tina reflected on how small the staff was, with lots of cleaning, multi-tasking, and just making the job fun. She loved getting to see us go from 0% occupancy all the way to 100%.

Favorite part of their jobs?
Wow they are almost identical and all center upon the Residents. Sandy says, “Assisting and spending time with the residents”. For Glinda, “Having a Resident tell me they appreciate us or what we do; It makes my day and makes it all worthwhile.” Tina loves helping the residents and the staff with anything she can, little or big, she loves making a difference.

What they enjoy doing when not at Primrose?
For Sandy it’s spending time with her Grandchildren, gardening and fishing. Glinda loves spending time with her Dogs, walking on the Riverwalk and scrapbooking. Tina loves family time and both cooking and shopping for family.

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  1. Bonner Brice

    This Team Pueblo! Love these people….dare anyone to do better! Way to go Sandy, Glinda and Tina!!


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