Friendships are Blossoming at Primrose

By | February 24, 2014
Jane Smith and Connie Strouse

Jane Smith and Connie Strouse

Cinni and Boccelli

Cinni and Boccelli are not what you would call “typical” pets!

Findlay, OH, Retirement Communities

Jane Smith and Connie Strouse had never met before they became neighbors in the “A Wing” here at Findlay’s Primrose in 2012. Connie recalls their conversation being about their pets. They enjoyed talking with each other and soon found out they had the common bond of being an only child.

Primrose is a pet-friendly community, and one day Jane and Connie decided to introduce their own pets. Now, cats and dogs are typically stereotyped as arch enemies; but then Cinni and Boccelli are not what you would call “typical” pets!

Boccelli had never been around another animal, but much to ladies’ delight they too became friends. Since that time they get their furry friends together for “play dates” on a regular basis. And play they do, as they take turns chasing each other around the furniture in the apartment before curling up to take a nap together!

“Cinni” is short for “Cinnamon” because as a puppy her fur was similar to the color of the spice of the same name. Connie is fond of classical music and Boccelli is named after the Italian tenor, Andrea Boccelli.

This is why we say at Primrose, “This is Living!”

by Karen Barchent

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