Professor Myroni's Magnificent, Marvelous, Musical Menagerie

By | February 7, 2014

Lancaster, OH, Retirement Communities

Professor Myroni visits Lancaster Primrose

Professor Myroni and his stage set up at the Lancaster Primrose

Residents and staff assisting Professor Myroni with the final number

Residents and staff helping out with the final number

Professor Myroni shows Evans how to play one of his hand-made instruments

Professor Myroni teaching Evans how to play one of his hand-made instruments

It was a cold, dreary January day when Professor Myroni made his way into the front doors of Primrose, bringing with him an assortment of odds and ends. Both residents and staff members watched in wonder as the professor set up his collection of bells, whistles, pots, pans, washboards, and even a television antenna. He arrived two hours before his performance was scheduled and had everything ready to go within the hour, leaving residents with great anticipation for the show to begin. Finally, dinner was over, the café was cleared, and the magical hour of entertainment had arrived.

Professor Myroni began his performance seated, holding a saw and a violin bow. We watched in awe as he played a pretty impressive rendition of “Amazing Grace” using only these two items. He then moved on to his “television antenna.” He proceeded to use only his hands moving them back and forth toward the antenna which produced an interesting yet eerie sound. He explained that his “TV antenna” was actually called a Theremin and was invented in 1928 and used in many older movies for sound effects. Professor Myroni continued his performance with his off-the-wall instruments for an hour straight, bringing laughter and amusement to his audience.

When the show had to come to an end, Professor Myroni received a standing ovation from the residents and was asked for an encore. He had both residents and staff members help him with his final number as he handed us washboards, triangles, pots, and bells. With his cues, we played our hearts out and ended the entertainment with a bang. Needless to say, Professor Myroni’s Magnificent, Marvelous, Musical Menagerie was a success and we cannot wait to have him back at Primrose!

by Traci Giles
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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