Lancaster Primrose Veterans Join Veterans Day Parade

By | December 2, 2013
Al Brown (left) Art Hagedorn (right)

Al Brown (left) Art Hagedorn (right) get off the bus after the parade to eat at the AMVETS

Our group eating lunch

Our group eating lunch

Our group with their new friends at the AMVETS

Our group with their new friends at the AMVETS

Lancaster, OH, Retirement Communities

For Veterans Day this year, some of our Veterans rode in Lancaster’s Veterans Day Parade. The Parade went all through town and then stopped at the town square for a special ceremony.

The ceremony consisted of local Veterans giving speeches, the honoring of all Veterans, and a bagpipe performance.

Our Veterans from Primrose were thrilled. Art Hagedorn, one of Primrose’s many Veterans, came along and took pictures of our exciting adventure.

After the parade, the AMVETS of Lancaster invited our group over for a complimentary lunch. We ate hot dogs, chili, soup, and homemade pie along with making wonderful new friends.

The Veterans swapped stories, reminisced, and shared memories well into the afternoon before heading back to Primrose. When we arrived home, the Veterans were excited to tell staff members, friends, and family about their day. We cannot wait to do it again next year!

by Traci Giles
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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