Council Bluffs Primrose Residents Tour Television Studio

By | November 15, 2013

Council Bluffs, IA, Retirement Communities

Studio Tour

Five Shining Stars from Primrose Council Bluffs join local NBC studio for a morning

Tenants from the Council Bluffs, Iowa Primrose Retirement Community recently took a trip to one of our local news stations, WOWT Channel 6 (NBC) in Omaha, Nebraska.

We were given a wonderful tour of the facility and got to meet most of the news anchors and some of the reporters as well as seeing the room that “makes it all happen” as we were told. The room with all the computers, wires, etc. What button to push if a commercial doesn’t operate properly, how to switch from camera to camera and, most importantly, the red light! When the red light is on it means QUIET – ON AIR.

Another room which was quiet interesting and very noisy was the room where all the scanners were going off reporting all the activity happening in Omaha/Council Bluffs. There were several people in this room, each with their own scanner and as new newsworthy information came in, they were either submitting it for stories or radioing out to reporters on where to go.

The station was very active as people were moving about getting things ready for the noon newscast which we were invited to stay and watch. It was very interesting to see how times have changed and they no longer use the LARGE cameras to do news any more. It was all done from several computer screens with small cameras attached to them hanging from the ceiling and how the crew moves around the set during the cast and commercials. The ladies very much enjoyed getting to interact with the meteorologist and learn how the green screen works.

It was a cold day this day and the tenants that did tough it out had a really great time and were very anxious to get back to Primrose to share with everyone else what they missed out.

by Chris Harms
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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