Duluth's Green Thumb

By | April 6, 2010
Duluth Primrose Green Thumb
Iris Gustafson

When she isn’t volunteering at Lowell Elementary School or spending quality time with her adorable pet Sophie, Iris Gustafson is keeping our Duluth Primrose Community beautiful! As our Garden Club Director, she has done wonders in our courtyard garden. The residents and staff can’t wait until the garden is in full bloom again this year so we can enjoy the bright colors and pleasant smells of springtime. Iris, along with the other members of the Garden Club have been ‘in touch’ with the flowers and plants all around the Primrose community.

In addition to her dazzling green thumb expertise, Iris is involved in many Primrose public events and helping with resident activities. She’s always ready to lend a hand where help is needed and the staff in Duluth can always count on her assistance with events like movie night and our Community rummage sale. Basically, without our active residents like Iris, it would be hard to get along!

Duluth Primrose Green Thumb
Colors are the spice of life!

book club

The Book Club is another passion for Iris. Our Duluth Primrose Book Club members look forward to every month and thanks to Iris, meeting times and locations are all set and ready to go for these avid readers.

Iris is a shining presence in our Duluth Primrose Community; she keeps our gardens blooming, our residents on track with their activities and our minds rich with new stories. On behalf of the staff and residents, we want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Iris for being an important part of the Primrose family!

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