Dog Show at Mansfield Primrose

By | November 1, 2013
Mansfield Primrose Dog Show

Resident Joan Rader shows “Odie” (her daughter’s dog)

Mansfield Primrose Dog Show

Jane Leahy with “Emma Bouquet.” Emma, a service dog at Primrose, won the cutest name category.

Mansfield, OH, Retirement Communities

A first ever Primrose dog show was held with 15 participants. Staff and area therapy dogs joined us during National Dog Week for an entertaining dog show that was a hit — made even more perfect by the absence of dog fights or doggie messes.

Each dog owner was asked to fill out a form explaining the name, breed and age of their dog, along with some background info about the dog. If the dog could perform any tricks, this was also included. A little information was also given on the dog’s breed.

Each dog and its master paraded and performed one at a time to a huge crowd of residents wooing and awing over the cute dogs and puppies while I read aloud the background of the dog.

Prizes were given to the best dressed dog, the best performance, and the cutest name.

Those staff who were unable to bring in their dogs were asked to bring photos which were displayed on a table outside the show for all to enjoy. Dogs then paraded around after the show so residents could pet and give snacks to them. Another fun day at Primrose Retirement Community!!!

by Angela Gardner,
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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