Family Fun Night at Lancaster Primrose

By | November 14, 2013
Chef Andy McKee

Chef Andy McKee wears the signed apron he received from the Primrose residents

Family Fun Night

Primrose residents watch Andy and his friend perform

Lancaster, OH, Retirement Communities

Executive Director, Marie Wisecarver has come up with an exciting new event that will take place once a month here at our Primrose community: “Family Fun Night”! We had our first party last month and it was a huge success! We had a live band, tons of food, and even chocolate wine to kick off the tradition.

Residents, family, and staff members joined in on the fun. All who attended were asked to bring a snack or drink of choice and we ended up with a full buffet!

Our former chef, who just recently moved to Australia, played in the band that performed that night. The residents were thrilled to see him play guitar and sing with his friends. They played for almost an hour and they were so entertaining the audience begged for an encore!

The party lasted over two hours and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. “Can we have another one next week?” one resident asked after tasting the chocolate wine.

For our next fun night, we will be having one of our most popular entertainers coming to perform, so I expect another great turnout!

by Traci Giles,
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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