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By | October 25, 2013
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Tips for selling your home

Tips to Selling: Try Listing Your Home in Fall or Winter
When is the best time to sell your house? Most people assume that they must wait until spring or summer in order to put their house on the market. While the summer months may bring slightly higher house prices, it is also the time when the market is most flooded with other listings. So, while your house may command a bit higher price in the three warmest months of the year, there is also a very real risk that your house will be overshadowed by the sheer number of other listings out there during that time. It is for precisely this reason that fall and winter can be a great time to list your house.

Listing your house in the fall or winter will capitalize on the lack of competition. With fewer listings distracting buyers, your listing can stand out and shine, potentially resulting in less time on the market and a quicker sale.

In the end, the right time to sell your house is whenever you are ready to sell your house. It is not worth waiting for a particular time of year in order to take the next step in your life.

After you have made the decision to list your house, consider these five tips that can help sell your house faster:

1) Find a Great Realtor
In today’s market, working with a good realtor is incredibly important. When looking for a realtor, make sure to find someone who is very familiar with your market. They should know what’s on the market, what’s selling, and what’s not. A good realtor will be somewhat busy, showing that they have contacts and clients and, therefore, experience, but they should shouldn’t be so busy that they can’t be attentive and responsive to your needs. Be sure to communicate your expectations to them, as well. However, you should also be willing to trust that they are the experts. Most importantly, you will likely spend a lot of time with your realtor, so finding someone you get along with and trust is very important.

2) Have a Plan
Doing a good job of marketing your home will attract buyers and other realtors, and it will drive traffic to your open house and your web listing. Work with your realtor to develop a plan. While newspaper ads used to be the best way to generate buzz in the past, today’s market is largely driven by the Internet. Talk with your realtor about which websites they recommend. A good Internet listing can do wonders in attracting the right kind of buyers. Most importantly, take photos that show the best parts of the house. Having the right photos will make your listing stand out and can convince a buyer to schedule a time to visit the house in person, instead of just passing on to the next listing.

3) Prepare Your Home Before Listing It
Before listing your home, do a complete walk-through of your property with your realtor so you can understand what updates or changes should be made to best prepare the house for sale. Often times, it is the small details that can scare away prospective buyers. Most of these issues are easily and cheaply fixed, but they can make all the difference.

4) Price It Right
Have an honest and candid conversation with your realtor about what your home is worth. Don’t just rely on what it was worth when you bought it or what it’s worth to you. Prices change. Your realtor will be able to help you price your house where it should be in order to sell. There are three important factors to consider for your area: other active listings, pending listings, and recent sales. While pending listings and recent sales show what prices have attracted offers in the past, active listings make up your main competition. Home buyers will most likely be looking at these homes in addition to yours, so you should too. Be aware of what is going on in your market, so you can price your house aggressively.

5) Have a Follow-Up Plan for All Leads
There are a lot of houses for sale, so a follow-up plan for all interest is a must. Make sure to see what your realtor has planned for follow-up. That plan should include phone calls and emails to the perspective buyers, as well as personally contacting the other agents who are working with interested buyers. Your realtor should know which other realtors are likely to have clients whose interests would be the best match for your home. Your realtor should also have a plan set up for how to follow-up with interested from the Internet listings. If your realtor isn’t willing to follow-up with interested buyers and work with other realtors to sell your home, maybe that isn’t the right realtor for you. Rarely does the right buyer come out of nowhere. Most of the time it takes having a plan and following-up with all leads.

by Dylan Kessler
Primrose Staff Writer

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