Julia Enjoys Retirement Lifestyle at Decatur Primrose

By | October 11, 2013
Julia Bright

Contributing author and Primrose resident Julia Bright

Decatur, IL, Retirement Communities

As a resident of Primrose for one year I have experienced a different and enjoyable lifestyle.

In my prior life, I made most of my decisions and activities about life. Now my decisions are made by Primrose — and I like it just fine!

Having taught school and having raised five children, along with my husband, I am used to doing activities according to a clock. However, the staff at Primrose makes it quite clear each resident is free to make their own decisions!

We have fun and creative activities such as bell ringing, bridge, hand and foot, speakers, piano players and the list is endless. They have made it so interesting I want to do it all!

God is not left out as we have services on Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoons.

by Julia Bright
Decatur Primrose resident

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