Pueblo Primrose Congratulates Jonathan

By | September 20, 2013
Nancy Stutz, Connie Pagano and Jane Boykin

Nancy Stutz, Connie Pagano and Jane Boykin congratulating Jonathan

Pueblo, CO, Retirement Communities

It really is a small world, and you just never know how your zest for life will impact the life of someone nearby.

Primrose of Pueblo Residents are the life of the party!

On a recent trip a cab driver turned off his meter and did not charge the Primrose of Pueblo residents because he was having so much fun with them!

In an airport in Denver a man asked how to get in touch with our community because the residents were so delightful.

But the greatest story so far happened in Savannah, Georgia, on a recent Travel Club trip.

While on the plane from Atlanta to Savannah, our residents were behaving in their normal outgoing ways. They talked to everyone on the plane and were just having a great time.

When the plane landed in Savannah a gentleman named Jonathan stopped our group and introduced himself to us. He had been so encouraged by our group and our attitudes and outlook on everything. He just wanted us to know that we had touched his life.

Turns out Jonathan was on his way to a job interview in Savannah. We thanked him and told him goodbye.

We were ahead of him in the line so we reached baggage claim before he did. There, at the bottom of the escalator, stood a man holding a card with Jonathan’s name on it. We concluded that this was the gentleman that was doing his job interview — and that’s all it took!! Our ladies descended upon the man, telling him how wonderful Jonathan was and how outgoing he was, etc.

Jonathan walked up just as we were “persuading” this man that Jonathan needed to have the job. They both laughed and got a kick out of our group. We gave them our card and went on our way.

Fast forward a few weeks: we get an e-mail from Jonathan letting us know that he got the job and that he was so grateful to us for our kindness and support!

We asked him to please stay in touch with us and to visit us if he was ever in Colorado!

We then took a great “Congratulations” picture and sent it to him!! It is such fun to make friends everywhere we go!

by Gina Drown
Executive Director

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