Wasilla Primrose Enjoys Alaska State Fair

By | September 9, 2013
poses with the Lumberjacks from Wisconsin

Arlene Clay poses with the Lumberjacks from Wisconsin

Replica King Tut sarcophagus

Replica King Tut sarcophagus spotted at State Fair

Wasilla, AK, Retirement Communities

Alaskan residents anticipate the State Fair every year and the time had finally arrived for the residents of Wasilla Primrose to participate and enjoy the festivities!

We were personally invited by the fairgrounds to enjoy Senior Day.

We started the day off with a positive attitude, because we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us hardened Alaskans!

First off, we visited King Tutankhamun’s Exhibit, which included all sorts of interesting and intriguing artifacts from the Pharaoh’s Tomb. This Exhibit was world-class, and included more than 130 Replicas of King Tut’s most sacred treasures and personal possessions; items such as his golden shrine, state chariot, and golden jewel encrusted sarcophagus. The sarcophagus contained a replica mummy depicting what King Tut’s mummified body looked like.

These items have never been seen outside of Egypt except this year at our very own Alaska State Fair!

Our next stop was Fred Sheer’s Lumberjack Show, where we got to see the Lumberjacks from Wisconsin. The Lumberjack Show is a blend of sport, comedy, and even history. “Yo-Ho!” The residents sat front row to enjoy these talented world champion lumberjacks.

Finally, we ended the day with eating a variety of all the interesting and delicious food, ranging from Alaska-grown fruits and vegetables, to funnel cakes and chocolate-covered bacon. All in all it was a fantastic day for the residents of Wasilla Primrose, we will definitely be visiting the Alaska State Fair again next year.

To find out more about the touring lifestyle at Primrose, please contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today to see more of our fun and social living. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


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