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By | August 6, 2013
Jean Altintop meets Jane Donovan

Jean Altintop “Butterfly Lady” meets Primrose resident Jane Donovan

Lilah and Dorothy craft butterflies

Lilah and Dorothy craft butterflies

The butterfly behind it all

The butterfly behind it all

Duluth, Minnesota, Senior Living Communities

It had to start somewhere. But who knew that our own Jane Donovan was the person who would be the instigator for Jean Altintop, “Butterfly Lady”, to start a brand new hobby that would affect her life and the lives of others for over 14 years!

On July 21, 2013, Jean Altintop was featured on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Duluth Budgeteer Newspaper, where she was pictured with several handmade butterflies that she had created. Jean said she always wanted to meet the lady who inspired her to create these beautiful butterflies.

Rewind several years: Jane Donovan jointly runs the Remer Arts & Crafts Club consignment shop in Remer, Minnesota. While out traveling at a hotel one time, Jane sees her first hand-made butterfly.

Here’s this magnificent butterfly lying on the dresser, with a note saying to leave money if anyone wanted to keep the butterfly. Jane is very happy and gladly leaves money. Then she takes it home and curiously studies how it was made.

She then starts to make her own and sells them in her consignment shop.

Fast Forward to present: Jane’s daughter, Peggy, read the article in the paper and realized that Jean had picked up the butterfly from her mother’s consignment shop, and started to investigate to see if they might be able to meet.

Peggy called Altintop’s sister who lives in Duluth, and Jean actually answered the phone. Jean was visiting her sister in Duluth as she now lives in California — what a coincidence she was still visiting the Duluth area!

After a quick conversation the ladies realized their connection and Jean made her way to Primrose to meet Peggy’s mom Jane, where the inspiration all began.

The ladies had a great conversation and decided to spread the joy with residents of Primrose by having a “Butterfly-Making” day.

A group of 13 attended, all making a butterfly of their own with great success. The group has discussed getting together in the future and trying to make some more butterflies.

by Kim Grogan,
Marketing Director

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