Experiencing a Small Part of Honor Flight One Last Mission

By | June 17, 2013
Bob Utterback

Bob Utterback wearing his WW2 cap and Honor Flight sweatshirt

Senior Living Communities in Pueblo, Colorado

“Wow what an outstanding trip!” said Robert “Bob” Utterback upon returning from Washington D.C. with the Rocky Mountain Honor Flight Group last month. Bob joined 30 WWII Veterans, each with their volunteer Guardians who pay $800 to have the honor to escort and assist a veteran every step of the way during the trip. This program enables WWII Veterans to make this meaningful 2 day journey to Washington D.C. free of charge. Bob and another Primrose Navy Veteran who made this trek 3 years ago, Bernie Karpinski, will be part of a special program at Primrose to share their experience prior to the viewing of the newly released film, “Honor Flight One Last Mission”.

The flight from Denver International Airport (DIA) took us to Baltimore Washington Airport where a shuttle bus took us to our hotel in downtown Washington. You would not believe all the people who cheered for us as we flew in and out of the airports. Our first day was filled with tours and a lot of walking. We were led by an amazing woman named Mary Haden, and the 30 of us Veterans were joined by 2 nurses and 30 Guardians to make up the Red Team and the Blue Team. We were treated like VIPS’s everywhere we went. A tour bus took us to visit the WWII Memorial, a very touching experience, including the wall of 4,000 gold stars that represented those that lost their lives in that world conflict. We then visited the Lone Sailor Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall. The first stop on the second day was Arlington National Cemetery to witness the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Iwo Jima Memorial was impressive as was the viewing of the Pentagon, the Air Force Memorial and the Roosevelt Memorial. The morning flight was canceled because a snow storm shut down DIA so we had an extra day to absorb it all. We Veterans were tired but forever grateful.

by Bob Utterback,
Primrose resident

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