Bismarck Primrose 'All Shook Up'

By | June 10, 2013
Elvis in the building

Elvis with resident Mae Teske and her guests, Beth and Denise

Elvis making grand appearance

Elvis making his Grand Entrance!

Senior Living Communities in Bismarck, ND

For our Annual Celebration of Mothers, Primrose pulled out all the stops and called Elvis in to make a special appearance. The lady residents and their guests were graced with the presence of the King himself. By the end of the event, he had them All Shook UP!

Kenny Opsal is a local performer and entertainer with a passion for Elvis, and he has been studying Elvis’ songs and mannerisms. He also works at a local church, where also a few Primrose residents attend.

Kenny came to Primrose in full Elvis attire. He had the complete jumpsuit and even handed out a scarf during one of his songs. Kenny not only sang songs and did the controversial Elvis shake, but he also spoke about the King and gave fun facts about his shows, music, and life.

Kenny shared how his favorite Elvis songs are the gospel tunes. He sang a few of those for us, and reminded us how even though the king seemed to live a dark life, he always kept his faith.

Kenny also touched on how much Elvis loved his mother, which was very fitting for the occasion.

After all the singing and dancing was done, we thought Elvis had left the building, but he returned to take pictures with the residents and their guests! It’s not every day you can take a picture with Elvis!

Elvis stuck around for a little while and the residents and guests had fun chatting and enjoying refreshments. Everyone in attendance enjoyed their afternoon with the King!

by Emily Bivens,
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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