A Woman’s Time in the Service

By | May 23, 2013
Camilla Miller with drawings

Camilla Miller, Primrose resident, holding pencil drawings done by a friend

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Primrose resident Camilla Miller — “Cam” as she’s fond of being called — spent 3 years in the service.

During 1945, she was working at the State Board of Health in Pierre South Dakota. When WWII ended, the government asked for help from civilians for the soldiers coming home from war. So on March 1st, 1946, Cam signed up for the Army. Her dad was not very pleased with her decision but would later become very proud of her.

She was assigned to three different states — Utah, Georgia, and California — to help in the opening of hospitals. In a typical day they would make up at least 100 beds at each of these hospitals, and then they would meet the soldiers at the train stations with beds and wheel chairs.

Cam said that 95% of the soldiers they took care of had arms or legs missing. In Utah she took care of many amputees. She really enjoyed helping soldiers who couldn’t help themselves.

She met her husband, Dan, while in the service. At that time he was in the Navy, and they were married at Fort Sam in Houston, Texas.

Cam remembered her parents driving down for their wedding. It was a long trip for them back in those days!

Her husband Dan was discharged from the Navy and could not find a job so he joined the Army. When her 3 years were up, Cam left the Army and lived with her parents until Dan finished his time in the Army. After Dan’s discharge they lived in a house right off post. She continued to work on the children’s ward by rocking many of the children to sleep each night.

Cam had two highlights from her time in the service: Being kissed on the cheek by General Eisenhower and visiting with General MacArthur.

She still stays in touch with two ladies who were stationed with her, one from Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and another from Indiana.

In the photo, above, Cam is seated with pencil drawings done by a friend. In the drawing at left, Dan is in his navy outfit, and she is dressed in her army outfit in the drawing at right. Cam is very proud to have served her country.

Primrose is very grateful for Cam’s service to our country. God Bless her!!

by Lou Clarey,
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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