Wausau Primrose Hosts Mystery Dinner

By | May 23, 2013
Director of Dining, Cindy Davidson

Director of Dining, Cindy Davidson, with all her “refund checks” to give away to lucky tenants!

Appropriately decorated tables

Dining room tables were decorated with actual 1040 E-Z Forms as placemats.

Vera Leitzke was a lucky winner

Vera Leitzke was a lucky winner at her table!

Wausau, WI, Senior Living

On the evening of April 15th, Wausau had our first Mystery Dinner, hosted by Cindy Davidson (Director of Dining Services).

Since it was Tax Day we thought we’d celebrate with an I.R.S. Party!

On the menu we served rib-eye steaks, potatoes and fresh vegetables!

The dining room was silent once the food came out, the tenants were so excited to see what they were indulging in that evening.

Once dinner was completed, the hunt began: Cindy gave instructions on what the tenants needed to search for on the tables in order to win a prize or a “refund check”!

We normally have 40 tenants who eat dinner with us but on April 15th we had over 60, including some family members who couldn’t wait to see what the evening had in store for them!

The Mystery Dinner was a hot topic for weeks. The next Mystery Dinner is scheduled for May 5th, and we are already excited with the planning!

by Zoey Solin,
Executive Director

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