My Favorite Family Car

By | May 22, 2013
Dick Gleason and favorite family car

Dick Gleason, Primrose resident, and his favorite family car

Lima, Ohio, Senior Living

My favorite family car was a 1964 Mercury Convertible that I paid $50 for in the spring of 1974. It was ready for their scrap yard, but I trusted it enough to drive in the city.

It was my childrens’ favorite car. They loved to ride in it with the breeze in faces. I would put them in the car. It was always available because my wife would not drive it since it was a stick shift. We went everywhere in it, Church, swimming, the mall, etc.

I spent about $200 on repairs. Then I sold it for $100 in the fall of 1975. It was cheap transportation as well as lots of fun.

by Dick Gleason
Lima Primrose

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