Wii Bowling Popular at Sweetwater

By | April 29, 2013
bowling at Sweetwater

Bowling jacket shows acheivement

Beverly Schillinger

Beverly Schillinger

Billings, MT, Retirement Community

“It’s a turkey!” a voice rings out from the movie theater on the second floor of Sweetwater.

Another says, “I need a six pack!”

Enthusiastic cheers of a group of people gathered in the theater spread out into the hall. If you aren’t initiated into the rites of Wii bowling, you might be puzzled by the lingo, but such cries are common when members of the bowling teams and observers gather in the theater on afternoons when games are played.

Some members of the community may never have entered a bowling alley in their home town to hurl a ball down the lane, while others may have belonged to bowling leagues, but they all enjoy the version of the game projected on the large screen in the theater.

One of the most successful bowlers is Beverly Schillinger, who moved to Sweetwater three years ago. When she lived on a farm between Circle and Wolf Point in northeast Montana, she couldn’t get to town regularly enough to be a member of a bowling team, but she was a substitute and was given her own bowling ball one Christmas.

Beverly took up the game again when she came to Sweetwater and now holds the community record for bowling two perfect 300 games. Congratulations Beverly! We hope you and all the other keep the good times rolling.

by Betty Jean Long
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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