Lois Green Enjoyed Adventure in Gold Mining

By | April 23, 2013
Lois Green

Primrose resident Lois Green

Duluth, MN, Senior Living

Lois moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 1965 from Cloverland, Wisconsin. She was married to Roger and had four children: Lorraine, Renee, Tim and Douglas.

Lois is no stranger to hard work. She began to work after her youngest child turned 9 years old as she cleaned houses for over 16 years.

Her husband, Roger, had always been self-employed. He began as a dairy cattle farmer, then moved to logging, owned a trucking company, and then took up mining.

Lois and Roger began mining for gold later in life as Lois was 53 and Roger was 57 years old. It all started because their son, Douglas, studied and earned his Master’s degree in Geology. Douglas suggested the family should buy their own equipment to mine, like the caterpillars, loaders, and a sluice box.

So off to Alaska Lois and family went, for the next 16 years setting up camp in a variety of communities to include a small native Indian Village of Ruby on the Yukon River where they spent a significant amount of time. They would leave every October and return in May.

Lois was responsible for setting up camp every year and cooking for her husband, boys, and the hired help. Lois began every year in Fairbanks where she would buy over $4000 worth of groceries to last the next 6 months! They would then fly into the remote camp site as that was the only way to get to camp.

They lived in very simple, old shacks and even had to build small cabins in some places that were so remote. They had no running water or indoor plumbing. They all worked from 8 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. They would begin by drilling down to at least 90 feet to find gold. Once an area was located, most of the summer was spent washing off the deep overburden until they hit the “pay dirt.” Then they had to wash the gold out of the pay dirt. The gold then was brought to the refinery in Fairbanks.

It was a risky business, however, with no certain payout and always was quite an adventure living in the wild.

Lois mined in Alaska from 1979 to 1994. Her family continues to mine in Alaska today. How her son’s journey learning about Geology had changed her life — what an adventure! We sure have enjoyed Lois as a Primrose resident for the past six years!

by Kim Grogan and Cindy Hnatek
Marketing Director and Life Enrichment Coordinator
Duluth Primrose

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