Some Time with The Guys

By | April 23, 2013
Bismarck Primrose residents

Isolated male residents capitalizing on free time

Bismarck, ND, Senior Living

Guys living at the Primrose in Bismarck are outnumbered three to one by their female counterparts [complaints they have none — editor]. Time alone with the guys doesn’t come easily, so some male residents have made it clear that exclusive guy time is needed.

As a result of that wish, the guys have escaped together to play games, drink a little beer or coffee, eat snacks, and have fun! Our monthly “Men’s Hour” has allowed the men to get out and about for a little relaxation. The Activity Room becomes a “Guys ONLY Zone”. The ladies at Primrose are not allowed into the room until Coffee Hour. The women have become quite curious about what happens during Men’s Hour. Some women wait patiently outside the door, while others try to peek in the door to see what’s going on. However, the guys are not keeping secrets. Even though they want time to themselves, they know they need to keep the women happy.

The guys usually play a dice game called 6-5-4. They joke and laugh with each other as they recall how they use to play when they were younger. The room gets chipper during the hour. The men banter back and forth with competitive spirits and the dice click and clack on the table with every roll. At the end of the hour, they tally up their chips. Each month someone walks away the big winner of a prize provided by Primrose!

All the men in attendance in past months agreed that this gathering of the guys was much needed. The months to come will bring more exciting time with the guys. Put on your game faces, boys!

By Emily Bivens
Life Enrichment Coordinator

To find out more about the girl-to-boy ratio at Primrose, please contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today to see more of our fun and social living. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


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