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By | April 1, 2013
Mary Ella Rowels

Primrose resident and librarian Mary Ella Rowels

newly organized library

Newly organized upstairs library at Primrose

Lancaster, OH, Senior Living

If you like to read or need a quiet space to relax, visit the Lancaster Primrose’s newly organized upstairs library. Mary Ella Rowels, one of the residents at the community, took it upon herself to completely modify, restyle, and transform the building’s library into not only a relaxing environment but also a resident-friendly one, too.

Mary Ella got the idea of restructuring the library shortly after moving in to Primrose when she discovered the library was not very “convenient” for the residents. “It looked pretty, but nobody could utilize it because all of the books were scattered everywhere,” Mary Ella told a group of friends during a Primrose happy hour.

Primrose staff, residents, and even residents’ family members refer to Mary Ella as the “In House Librarian” and always go to her when they are in need of a good book or want to donate books. Mary Ella graduated from the Ohio State University with her bachelor’s degree in Education. She taught files management at the college level which lends itself to the organization of the library.

Mary Ella always goes the extra mile when a new resident expresses interest in borrowing books from the Primrose Library. She is very knowledgeable about many of the various books and authors in the library and will help residents who are not sure what exactly they are looking to read. Mary Ella will also deliver books within the community when a resident is not able to make it to the library. Residents have even been known to make “appointments” with her to discuss books they have read or if they need insight into what they should read next.

“I do not force books on people, but I love being the one to help those who do have a passion for reading like I do. It makes for interesting conversation and it enriches not only the lives of the residents that come to me, but mine as well,” Mary Ella told a group of Primrose residents. “Books are my friends, and I love sharing them with others.”

by Traci Giles
Life Enrichment Coordinator
Lancaster Primrose

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