Luella Enjoys Duluth Primrose

By | February 13, 2013
Luella and crocheted dolls

Luella pictured with her crocheted dolls

Duluth, Minnesota, Senior Living

Luella moved to Primrose July 15, 2012 and she can’t say enough positive things about her move here. She really enjoys all of the activities that Primrose has to offer, as you will see her enjoying Farkle in the Fireside Lounge, Happy Hour on Fridays, and Bingo.

Luella loves the fact that she doesn’t have to cook anymore and that she truly loves the food. Luella also enjoys knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching with the Primrose group. They really enjoy just spending time together knitting and talking.

As seen in the picture above, Luella crochets these sweet little dolls. Luella taught herself how to crochet and has made these dolls for friends, family, and neighbors.

As I looked around her home at Primrose, I could see Luella has baby dolls, and I counted cross-stitch pictures framed by the woodwork of her late husband, Paul.

Luella can do just about any type of sewing as she has also made “crazy” quilts, the baby doll clothing on her crocheted dolls, and has even helped her neighbors with buttons on clothing and other clothing items in need of mending. Primrose is so lucky to have you as one of our residents!!! Thank you for sharing!

by Kim Grogan and Cindy Hnatek

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