A poem by Richard Wood

By | August 27, 2012
poet Richard Wood

Poet and Primrose resident Richard Wood

Mankato, MN, Senior Living

[Welcome, gentle reader. This is the 18th installment in a series of blog articles written by actual Primrose residents. Please return often to read more! — Ed]

Just Remembering

I called an old friend a day or so ago. We talked about the weather, the kids we used to know.

The games we played some evenings when the nights were good and dark, the fun we had at concerts down at Sibley park.

Then going back to school when the summer break was through. The cold, dark days of winter brought on skating in the slough.

It’s funny how you store up memories of the good days and the bad. The happy times together and the partings that were sad.

Those funny little memories that were hidden there for years, bring back smiles and laughter and often bring on tears.

Those once forgotten memories you’ve now stored with a reason, for the happy times throughout your life in every changing season.

So if some day you’re sitting staring into space, a smile upon your lip and a tear upon your face. Pick up the phone and give someone a ring and say “It’s not important… I’m just remembering”.

by Richard Wood
Mankato Primrose

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