I Changed My Mind

By | August 3, 2012
Festus Paul

Primrose resident Festus Paul

Decatur, IL, Senior Living

[Welcome, gentle reader. This is the 16th installment in a series of blogs written by actual Primrose residents. Please return often to read more! — Ed]

Waking up in my bed for three as the fateful first day of school dawned, my mind had already determined that “I ain’t goin’ to school!” I arose at dawn and hid in the house while the whole family searched in vain for me.

Being the youngest of 12 (several were already gone from home), it was difficult to focus attention on one wayward child. They soon determined that they couldn’t search any longer, that the kid would show up when he got hungry and the rest of the “kids” better grab their lunch and go to school. (1 ½ miles away)

When I eventually thought I had pulled a good one, I emerged from my hide out—not even a spanking.

The next night my two bed partners put me in the middle and I couldn’t get away from them. After breakfast they took me by the arm and marched off to school. We had to cross a small creek; stepping on boulders. When I saw that all my brothers had made it without stepping in the water, I took off and ran back home.

The third day, they held my hand all the way over the creek into the woods and to the school playground. When they felt confident that their mission was complete, I bolted and ran off into the woods, never looking back.

After 3 days absent, the older boys were instructed to keep their hands on me and get me into that one-room schoolhouse where Mr. Krueger didn’t seem too bad after all.

Having played “hooky” the first 3 days, it was never expected that teaching would be my ultimate profession for 36 years, with not a single absence.

by Festus Paul
Decatur Primrose

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  1. Brian Kellar

    If you ever get a chance to meet Festus, you will laugh twice as hard at this entry! I bet he was an incredible teacher, because he is one incredible guy!!


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