Myers' Worldwide Travels Lead to Primrose

By | March 7, 2012
Mary Ellen and husband Dick Myers

Primrose residents Mary Ellen and husband Dick Myers

Senior Living Findlay, Ohio

[Welcome, gentle reader. This is the 14th installment in a series of blogs written by actual Primrose residents. Please return often to read more! — Ed]

My husband and I met at the Union Terminal in Cleveland, Oh in December 1943. We were married in April 1944 and had 63 ¾ years. After we both retired, we started traveling with the Retired Teachers Association of Findlay. Dick was a “photographic Bug” and after every trip they had a show and tell show. We covered seeing the United States with them.

We started spending time in Florida and purchased a home and lived there 23 years before returning to Findlay. Over those 23 years we covered a lot of land with the help of the tour director. We actually visited 26 countries plus islands in the Caribbean, Pacific and Mediterranean Seas. We had 3 trips thru the Panama Canal and took a trip on the Rhine River in Europe.

We wanted to see as much of the world as possible. There were four places we didn’t see, Norway, Sweden, China and Japan. We had reservations for China but had to cancel because of the killing in one Square in China.

The trip to the Holy Land was so inspirational. We had 18 or 20 university students on the trip. They were very nice young people. They were tired of some of the food and asked if there was a McDonalds and the tour director said yes. We were headed to see more places and were stopped on the highway, had to turn around. The bus driver said he knew the roads well and we got where we wanted to go.

Switzerland is a beautiful country. When in school I loved to read about Switzerland and to be able to see it brought me back to my school days. The tour guide gave us so much information. Plus they had the tastiest chocolate pudding I have ever eaten.

In Brazil we toured the opera house in the Manous and it was fabulous. We took a trip down the river and stopped at a village and really saw animals, birds, and people. When we left Manous we stopped at Devil Island where France sent their worst criminals to die. It was such an experience to see the conditions, etc.

While in Australia, we took a trip hoping to see koala bears in their habitat. We stopped as one bear was trying to get from one tree to another. I got out of the bus and talked to him. He finally got to the other tree. We then went to a beach to watch the penguins come in out of the ocean. We sat on the beach and all of a sudden you could see hundreds of penguins come on shore and walk past the people so they could get to their home on land. What a sight!

While in Mexico City, we took trips around different areas. The tour guide had the bus stop sometimes and he got bananas and finger food for everyone on the bus. Never had that happen before. He said after our tour, he’d go to Las Vegas and hope to have good luck. His wife made a small gift for all the people.

On our tour all across Canada, we had dinner in Western Canada. Dick and I finished early and went to take a walk. All of a sudden a young girl came up beside me. She started asking all kinds of questions, plus telling us about her family. I asked what she thought she would do after she graduated; she was a sophomore at the time. She said she wasn’t sure but it would be something involving helping people. We started back to the bus and Dick and I stopped because there was traffic. She said “come on, they will stop for you” and they did. She walked us back to the bus and said good-bye and “I love to help old people”. We had several moments that just made the trips worthwhile. The only thing Dick and I had a problem buying our souvenirs as he collected belt buckles and I collected charms.

When back in Ohio, Primrose had this facility and we took a tour. Then in a couple of days we came back with a list of questions and we made our decision basically because of our age and our daughter and grandson were in Findlay. The facility is very nice and we have met some wonderful people here.

by Mary Ellen Myers
Findlay Primrose

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