Primrose Outstanding Senior Citizen Awards

By | July 28, 2011
Primrose Outstanding Senior Citizen Award Application

CLICK HERE to view, download or print out an application for the Outstanding Senior Citizen Award

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Do you know a senior citizen who is worthy of an award? Then keep reading to see if your worthy senior qualifies:

Throughout Fairfield County, many senior citizens are actively involved in improving their communities around them, being a reliable resource in helping others, and living exemplary lives.

So, Lancaster’s Primrose Retirement Community in conjunction with the Fairfield County Fair will be awarding its first Primrose Outstanding Senior Citizen Awards at the 2011 Fairfield County Fair.

If you know a special person whom you believe would be the perfect Primrose Outstanding Senior Citizen then by all means click on the link to the right, print out an application and submit it to us. We look forward to hearing about your nominees!

Award Guidelines

1. They volunteer in the community (10 Points)
Seniors have a reputation for being reliable and skilled volunteers in their community, helping others, their families, volunteering in schools, churches, hospitals, with fund raisers. These are just a few examples of the many fine ways seniors volunteer their time helping others.

2. They share their knowledge with others (10 Points)
Senior citizens have a lifetime of knowledge and those who share it in helpful, creative, and inspirational ways are truly outstanding seniors.

3. They promote an active lifestyle and are passionate about what they do. (10 Points)
Sometimes it isn’t enough just to do things. Passion is contagious and there are active seniors with passion in Fairfield County. Inspiring others is indeed worthy of an outstanding senior award.

4. They smile and they spread the joy of helping others (10 Points)
A senior can be an advocate, a volunteer, a fountain of knowledge and have tons of passion. But the single, most important criteria for being a truly outstanding senior is to be genuinely warm and generous of spirit.

5. They are active advocates for seniors and others ( 10 Points)
There are many professionals in the field, but outstanding seniors take it upon themselves to speak out for their fellow seniors and others in need.


To find out more about the outstanding senior living experience at Primrose, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today to see more of our fun and social living. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


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