Senior Living with a Zany Twist

By | April 27, 2011
Ugly Tie Contest

Executive Director Kathy Walker and Resident Bob Shaeffer

Ugly Teeth Contest

Bob Shaeffer hamming it up

Pretty PJs

Mary DeCoste and Kathy Walker

Pretty PJs

Mary DeCoste shows off her leopard skin slippers with pink fur fringe

Pretty PJs

Doris Rarick, Kathy Walker, Mike and Vonnie Noll

Pretty PJs

Mike Noll really does care…

More Pretty PJs

Sally Smelzer in holstein attire, Bob Shaeffer equipped with Paul Revire pjs, and Mike and Vonnie Noll

More Pretty PJs

Stephen Tharp wears his “Rexy Beast” Scooby Doo trunks

Lancaster Ohio Senior Living
What do you get when you hold an ugly tie day one week and PJ Day the following week? That’s easy: Ugly ties and PJs.

It started with our Executive Director, Kathy Walker, who set the bar high with her pink and black Dr. Seuss tie and hat outfit. Boy was it ugly and bright, and she created quite the scene as she strolled through the halls of Primrose as if she was the “cat in the hat” herself!

But it didn’t take long for the ugliest tie of the day to appear which was worn by resident Bob Shaeffer. Talk about creative. He took an old pink tie, a black magic marker and drew an arrow pointing up to his face as he titled himself “UGLY.” Next, he put on a set of grossly deformed teeth, then placed a hat on his head and the finishing touch was the CD he tied to his tie with a star on it. We loved the look and titled him the winner of the day.

The following week, we held PJ Day and again our Executive Director showed her childlike side when she showed up for work in her PJs titled, “Cry Baby.” She was outlandish, and had all of us busting a side laughing at her. And then the residents started to appear in their PJs. Resident Mary DeCoste appeared, showing off her fancy flannel nightwear (and take note of the leopard skin slippers with the pink fur fringe) — she was styling!

And they kept coming: out strolled resident Doris Rarick showing off her monkey PJs. Then our newest residents — husband and wife, Mike and Vonnie Noll — made their appearance. Vonnie sported the latest in dog-lover apparel with treaty bones for any four legged friends she might encounter, and husband Mike surprised us all when he showed his tee-shirt and PJ bottoms with super heroes. Who knew our sweet and quiet resident Mike still loves his super heroes from his childhood days! Well, I guess we all do now, but as his t-shirt says: “he doesn’t care!”

Who could have guessed that Sally Smelzer would appear in her Holstein cow bathrobe, and Bob Schaeffer in his Paul Revere “light-the-night-by-Primrose-candle-stick-holder”? He actually took a plastic flower pot with Primrose on it turned it upside down and glued a battery lit candle to it.

The creativity kept on coming: not to be outdone, Stephen Tharp made his appearance in his Scooby Doo’s (the “Rexy Beast”). Never in a million years could we have guessed that Stephen loved Scooby Doo!

Just goes to show, when we invite our residents to show us the real side of themselves in PJs we need to be ready anything!

To add a healthy measure of whackiness to your life and learn more about senior apartment homes at Primrose, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today to see more of our fun and social living. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


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