Margaret Baer Celebrates 100th Birthday at Primrose

By | February 18, 2011
Birthday girl Margaret Baer

Birthday girl, Margaret Baer

birthday cake

The gorgeously delicious strawberry birthday cake made by Margaret’s daughter

rose centerpiece

Rose centerpieces were created just for the occasion, courtesy of Executive Director Kristen Woods

friends of Margaret Baer

Nancy Van Loon, Mabel Fennimore, Ginny Jacobson and Velma Jean McGraw enjoying the beautiful party

a young Margaret Baer

A young Margaret in an advertising photo for her family’s general store

Margaret Baer with kingfish

Margaret king fishing on the Little Su River several years ago

Wasilla, Alaska, Senior Living
Sunday, February 13th started out as anything but ordinary for one Wasilla Primrose Resident. Margaret Baer was in her apartment, surrounded by family, as she readied herself for her 100th birthday party. Family and friends had flown in from all over the country to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event, and the excitement was buzzing in the floors below as the crowd of well-wishers began to grow.

Born February 15th, 1911 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, Margaret has lived a long and exciting life. She has done and seen so much: she was around when the first phones came out, she saw the first television, the first motorized car. And yet she still fishes the Little Su River every year for kings.

Her party was a wonderful homage to a wonderful woman; along the entrance of Primrose were several pictures depicting Margaret at different stages of her life. One showed her holding a loaf of bread next to a sack of flour. This was taken in front of the store her family owned while she was growing up. There was another of her all decked out in Green Bay Packers gear. And still another of her and her husband Len on their wedding day.

Party accoutrements included champagne flutes filled with bubbly pink champagne, floating rose centerpieces at every table, a variety of food and party goers all flowing around the Primrose main floor. Everyone wanted to be near Margaret, to share stories and laughter.

As the party began to wind down, Margaret continued to celebrate as her son-in-law, Jim Podvin, swept her off her feet with a dance.  She then enjoyed a piece of gorgeous strawberry cake while she watched her guests and the Primrose residents dance.  Nearly 100 people celebrated with Margaret, and you could see how much of an impact this elegant lady has made on everyone who has met her.  Primrose is very grateful to have this special woman among our residents, and was honored to be a part of this grand celebration.

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