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Lancaster Primrose Warming up for National Walking Day

Primrose resident J.J. Bird prepares for National Walking Day

Primrose resident J.J. Bird prepares for National Walking Day

April 5th is National Walking Day. In Lancaster, we recently started up “The Walking Club” which is a small group of our residents who simply walk the halls for exercise. There are some with and without walkers, and there may be a resident or two in a wheelchair as well. The purpose of the Walking Club is to get our residents out of their room to exercise. The residents enjoy walking – especially when it is nice outdoors.

Resident J.J Bird walks the halls as well, you will also see him on the treadmill in our wellness center. You can find him in the halls at all hours of the day. When weather permits, he will be outside with his headphones on walking around our community. J.J states that he loves to go for his daily walks.

Zanesville Primrose Keeps Seniors Socially Connected

Zanesville Primrose residents enjoying some music and fun together

Zanesville Primrose residents enjoying some music and fun together

Keeping the minds and social connections of our senior loved ones active is every bit as important as caring for their physical well-being.

They do not have to slow down or stop feeling young at heart just because they are older. As a caregiver, there are many fun, low cost, and even free activities you can help your senior get involved with so that they can enjoy being socially engaged year-round.
In their golden years, seniors can experience the joy of learning and doing new activities, developing hobbies, and managing a social calendar of encounters with friends as they explore and discover new interests.

Seniors can make connections with like-minded people of all ages and find activities geared just for elder adults. Local churches, temples, and synagogues are a place they can share faith experiences with others which is good for the soul and social interaction.
It is important to remember that quantity of activities scheduled does not always equal quality. Be mindful in offering a variety of activities daily. Anyone can schedule activities just to fill up a calendar but a lot of thought should go into whether it is an activity that will spark the senior’s attention.

Getting seniors involved is the goal when deciding what activities to schedule, but a high number of participants attending an activity should not be the sole measurement for defining activity success. Residents may end up asking a friend to have a cup of coffee with them and to discuss the day’s headlines in the local newspaper or they may ask a friend to help them put a puzzle together. These kinds of activities are equally important and just as much of a victory as filling a large room for a music concert.

When activity directors provide tools that empower residents to engage on their own initiative, they create a greater sense of ownership, which fosters participation without forcing it and drives activity without dictating it.

Another great activity motivator is asking local groups of children to come to visit your residents. It is a win-win situation for both the senior and the children. Whether the children put on a play, sing for the residents, or spend time talking with the seniors, everyone enjoys the interaction. Children as well as adult seniors have so much to share with each other.

Findlay Primrose Resident Knits Caps for Needy

Primrose resident June knitting a cap

Primrose resident June knitting a cap

Sharon began knitting at about age 16 and is always looking for a project to keep her fingers busy. Several years ago she had an idea to make some hats for those undergoing radiation therapy. “I know that if I had lost my hair I would appreciate having a warm hat to wear,” she said. So for the past five years she has been donating about 15 knitted caps per month to the Radiation Treatment Center at Eastern Woods in Findlay.

The hats come in all shapes and sizes for men, women, and children alike. Among those she makes are striped, corrugated, plain, team colors, and pink for breast cancer patients.

Recently through a conversation with one of our new residents, Sharon learned that they had a common interest. “Why not start a knitting group?” she thought. So every Tuesday after lunch Sharon and June sit in the fireplace lounge and visit to the click-click of their knitting needles. They are having lots of fun and were recently joined by our Sales Director, Susan Gehring, who sat with them for a little while so she could get a hat started to work on at home. They are hoping that others will soon join them also!

Lancaster Primrose Pet Owners Celebrate Pets

Alice and her cat Petra

Primrose resident Alice and her calico mitten paw cat, Petra

We have dogs and cats from different breeds that reside with a few of our wonderful residents here at Primrose in Lancaster, Ohio. Louretta has a 23-year old cockapoo named Gizzy. Gizzy loves it when she is taken for rides on Louretta’s electric scooter. Louretta said that when she came for a tour, one of the first questions she asked was, “Do you take pets?” We told her that we were pet friendly, and she later told us that she would have never moved in if we were not.

Alice Hughes has a 12-year-old calico mitten paw cat named Petra. She and her late husband found Petra at a gas station. Alice’s husband stated, “She needs a history, how about Petra?” That is how she got her name. Alice also said that Primrose being pet friendly was one of many reasons she chose Primrose.

Rita Fischer has a cat named Izzy. Rita states that Izzy adopted her and that she loves that cat like she was her own child. She says that Primrose being pet friendly made a big difference in choosing to move here.

‘Project Skills’ at Work in Sioux Falls Primrose

Tommee and Lou

Tommee and Lou

Project Skills is a paid work experience program for high school students with disabilities in South Dakota. The program is a cooperative arrangement between the state vocational rehabilitation agencies and the local school districts. Project Skills provides students the opportunity to learn different skills in a variety of job placements with the assistance of a job coach.

Project Skills will help to build a student’s work history, references, and help them move into different and better jobs as they mature and are ready to take on new challenges. Sioux Falls Primrose Life Enrichment Coordinator Lou Clarey is a job coach for Tommee Morrison, who is a junior at Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, SD. Tommee lives in Sioux Falls with her mom and dad, and you will see her assisting Lou with lots of different things during her spring semester. Her favorite part of school are the field trips because she likes to learn new things. She likes to visit with the residents and assist them in any way she can. Tommee is a great person and she is making lots of friends. Welcome, Tommee, to the Primrose family!