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Mansfield Primrose Participates in National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Mansfield residents handing out gifts to college students on random acts of kindness day

Mansfield Primrose residents handing out gifts to college students on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Big-hearted Americans were being called on to help celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day on Friday, February 17th, by carrying out selfless gestures and encouraging others to pay it forward.

Residents from Primrose Retirement Community in Mansfield, Ohio decided to take part in Random Acts of Kindness day by going to North Central State College and Ohio State Mansfield branch campuses and passing out random $10.00 gift cards from Amazon and bottles of water to students visiting the cafeteria and college grounds that day.

“Kindness really does start with one — one person, one act, one place, one city, one county, and one movement with one goal in mind: to make our world a kinder place one act at a time. Anyone, any age, any nationality can make this happen.”

Residents really enjoyed their time talking to the young college students. They were very appreciative with many giving hugs and shaking hands with their gratitude and thankfulness. I think this was a wonderful activity for the residents to show that there is still kindness in the world and that they can still make a difference to anyone at any age.

Zanesville Primrose Focus on Importance of Senior Activities

resident enjoying activities

A Primrose resident enjoying one of our many activities

The Importance of senior activities cannot be underestimated. They are not just for entertainment, filling up the hours to prevent boredom or just a way to keep people busy. They are also for the healthy maintenance of the body, mind, and spirit which may get neglected from issues as we age. Keeping our minds active, just as with our bodies, keeps our “mental muscles” strong. We at Primrose of Zanesville offer an exercise class three days a week called Exercise Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

A few of our mental muscles are reason, imagination, and memory – and there are ways to exercise them all. The brain renew itself, especially the hippocampus area that affects memory. This is helped with mental activity and memory exercise. Brain activity needs to be stimulated to keep our brains healthy and memories strong. Exercising our mental muscles with fun yet challenging senior activities will help with this.

Depression can evolve by having nothing to look forward to participating in. From having music entertainment, to playing dominoes and cards or spending an hour discussing various topics as a group – activities offer much variety.

Providing daily senior activities helps keep folks busy and helps engage the mind. This is crucial with the senior population who consistently say that keeping a positive attitude, staying busy, engaging the mind are some of the most important things to them.

Tammy Grayson, Life Enrichment Coordinator, is passionate about providing our senior population with happy and healthy living environment by providing great activities for seniors.

Findlay Primrose Resident Susan Callis

Primrose resident Susan Callis and here model of Paul Revere's home

Primrose resident Susan Callis and here model of Paul Revere’s home

It began with the purchase of a little antique roll top desk she bought on impulse in about 1975. Susan was mesmerized by its intricate detail which included tiny drawers and cubbies. After she purchased a few other miniature pieces of furniture she decided that her collection needed a home. Thus began a hobby that Susan and her late husband, Larry, enjoyed for many years.

The first house they built was a three story home, complete with a cast iron stove and a very tiny sampler that Susan cross stitched by hand. She made a wooden hutch which she filled with tiny dishes and plates. A doll family completes this beautiful collection and makes the house a home.

After moving from outside of Chicago to New Mexico, she decided that an adobe house would be appropriate addition to her collection, and they constructed two homes which now sit on her fireplace mantle. Several small Native American dolls adorned with tribal masks sit perched upon a wooden table in front of a fireplace and rocking chair. An authentic southwestern blanket decorates one of the beds with its bright red and colorful hues.

But the dollhouse that is her pride and joy is a replica of Paul Revere’s home which they built in 1976, right at the time of the country’s bi-centennial. Larry contacted the society that runs the Paul Revere House in Boston, Massachusetts, and they were gracious enough to supply them with the exact dimensions and layout so the home would be true-to-scale. The attic is furnished with a smokehouse, which Susan admits is not actually in the Paul Revere House, but thought it would be a nice touch.

“It’s a big house,” said Susan. “But Mr. and Mrs. Revere had lots of children to fill it up!”
Built in 1680, the real Paul Revere House is the oldest structure in downtown Boston and is the only home on the Historic Freedom Trail. Susan is a history buff and very proud of this beautiful structure. “I love telling people all about it!” she said.

University Classes at Mansfield Primrose

Primrose University participants enjoy special entertainment

Primrose University participants enjoy special entertainment

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? More and more seniors are taking advantage of the time they have during their golden years to take free classes and earn degrees in subjects that they love or have interest in. This active lifestyle even after retirement can pay dividends in maintaining your mental health, acuity, and even financial stability. Did you know that taking a class in just about any subject can improve your cognitive abilities, rejuvenate your memory, and allow you to have fun all at the same time? Recent scientific studies clearly show that senior citizens who stay mentally active enjoy these rewards.

Challenging our brains to grow new cells can take place at any age. For that matter, we can build new connections which help our problem-solving abilities as well as memory. The more its used the better the brain grows and does.

What we have been providing at Primrose Retirement Community for our residents is an Elder University Class that is once a month. It provides free classes on subjects that range from learning about historical events, surrounding history and famous people of Mansfield, hobbies, financial and estate planning, computer classes, services available to the elderly, and warning the elderly about scams and how to protect themselves in this day and age.

Many of our residents take part in these classes and always walk away with something they learned new that day.

Holiday Party at Mankato Primrose

Residents enjoying the holiday party

Residents enjoying the holiday party

On January 12, 2017, we had our annual holiday party to celebrate the holiday season with our wonderful residents here at Primrose of Mankato. It was an event the residents looked forward to for many weeks as we finished up our kitchen remodel. We were able to celebrate the new kitchen and holiday season with wonderful food, entrainment and many close friends.

Our wonderful culinary staff prepared a delicious four course meal of crackers, pickled herring, pecan and pear salad, feta cheese, spinach and roasted tomato stuffed prime rib, potatoes, and a variety of cheesecakes. While enjoying our meal we listened to fantastic music by Paul and Randy, and some of the residents and staff were even up dancing and enjoying the music.

One of the residents got up and shared a story of her growing up and all the times she would sing to her dad in his truck. It was great to see songs bring back memories and be able to reminisce of the past with others. All of the Primrose residents had a wonderful time listening to great music, enjoying delicious food, sipping on wine, and enjoying the company of others. It is an event we look forward to every year!