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Zanesville Primrose Enjoys Day at Beach

Enjoying a day at the beach – Primrose style

Enjoying a day at the beach – Primrose style

Feet in the sand, a dip in the pool, flip flops, seashells, and breezy dresses. Nothing beats a day at the beach! What could be better than relaxing with a cool drink and good eats under a beach umbrella? Zanesville Primrose took a detour from the everyday routine and laid out a summer retreat at our own beach house. Tables covered with brown butcher’s paper had coral, sea blue, and pink flower center pieces.

When the beach-goers arrived for lunch, they colored and drew on the table coverings and enjoyed blowing bubbles just for fun. Laughter mingled with the Latin flavored music in the background. There were colorful napkins and goldfish crackers for snacking. The “sand dollar” cookies and cotton candy were supposed to be saved for dessert. But who doesn’t enjoy the best first anyway?

Raspberry Italian ices really cannot take the place of a cold beer or a strawberry daiquiri, but everyone liked the idea of bubbly drink. The leis and flowery attire the servers all adorned added to the festive atmosphere (there were even some flowers in our hair). Baked honey chicken, rosemary red potatoes, and corn on the cob slathered in butter made the beach bake a smash hit!

Sending off summer with food and friends makes for memories shared. A glow inside comes from kind hearts and full stomachs. We all had such fun!

Standing Strong as a Nation on 9/11

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

We have heard the phrase “We’ve got to do our best” a lot lately. We’ve heard it from the athletes at the Olympic Games and, locally, from the excited players on the re-organized University of Illinois Football team. It brings back memories of an old Christian hymn titled: “Give of your best to the Master.” Also, in both cases we see people of all kinds of backgrounds pulling together.

Sunday, September 11th is Patriots Day. Let us all take a moment to remember those that perished that day. Please remember the families that lost their loved ones. Remember the firefighters, police, military, and the people that gave their life to help others. We are a country that suffered deeply – right to the center of its heart – during the attacks on 9/11. America grew not only in strength but in patriotism. There is evil in this world that can break you to your core, but the good news is that there is a Greater Being that rules and wins in the end. Stay focused on the Lord. Stand firm against the enemy for the Lord our God will protect us. We must follow Him so He will not turn His back on us. Let us not need to have another 9/11 horrendous act occur in order to bring America to its knees again. Let us follow Him now before it is too late. Psalm 33:12 says blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!

Written by Jim McClarey Decatur Primrose Resident

Popsicle Stick Artist at Findlay Primrose

Primrose resident Dave with one of his popsicle stick creations

Primrose resident Dave with one of his popsicle stick creations

As a retired shop and vocational agriculture teacher, Dave is good with his hands and likes to keep busy. Tired of working simple jigsaw puzzles, he had a brainstorm one day when one of his grandchildren gave him some popsicle sticks. Why not build a replica of the home where he and his wife raised their family?

So he set to work, painstakingly gluing each stick and placing them “just so” in order to create a miniature version of their farmhouse. At first he tried to keep it simple, but the more he worked on his project, the more detailed it became. As seen in the picture the house comes complete with porch railing, shutters, and flower boxes!

Once finished with the house, which took him approximately one week, Dave decided to build the barn that also sat on their property. An American flag adorns the roof of this bright red building.

Dave’s family loves his miniature homestead, as it brings back fond memories of living on the farm! The fact that it is all custom built makes it extra special because “Dad/Grandpa/Great Grandpa” made it with his own hands!

Dave has since built an airplane with larger popsicle sticks and hopes to build more creations in the near future.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Assisted Living Community

Choosing the right assisted living community is one of the most important decisions you and your loved ones may ever make.  If you are just beginning to search, it can be difficult to know what to look for – so we have compiled a list of some of the most important factors to observe during your visit.

  1. Ask questions about safety

capture-one-catalog1059In any assisted living setting, safety is one of the most essential areas to investigate.  Knowing that your loved one is taken care of at all times and that their needs are being met creates peace of mind.  When visiting a community, pay attention to the bathrooms.  Are they accessible?  Do they have grab bars in the right places?  You may want to ask the nurses how residents contact them if they need anything.  Do they have pull cords in the rooms?  Do residents wear pendants?  You may also want to ask if there are registered nurses in the community 24 hours a day and how they staff their building during the day vs. the evening.  Ask specific questions about how the staff will care for your loved one’s specific needs.

  1. Is the staff friendly?

Pay attention to how the staff interacts with other residents.  Are they making eye-contact and spending time in conversation?  It is also a good idea to come with questions for the management team.  When planning your visit, ask to meet with them and take some time to get those questions answered.

  1. Schedule a visit during an activity

Before you visit, look the community up online and check their activity calendar.  Do you see anything listed that your loved-one would be interested in?  Is there a good balance of internal activities and outings away from the community?  Are there religious services?  Find an activity of interest and schedule your tour at that time so you can attend.  Pay attention to how many people are at the event and how engaged the staff and residents are.

  1. Come for lunch/dinner

The dining experience is very important.  Most retirement communities will allow you and your loved-ones to enjoy a meal free of charge – so take advantage of it.  Visit with the dining services manager and find out about dining options.  Do they have diabetic entrees?  Do residents order off a menu or are their choices limited each day?  Is it mandatory to eat in the dining room or can residents have meals delivered to their room?  How many meals are served per day?

  1. Ask around

Talk to others you may know who have loved ones living in the community you are visiting.  If you know any current residents, stop by and pay them a visit to find out what they think about it.  Ask your doctor their opinion since they may have referred people there in the past.  In the end, trust your instincts.  You’ll know the right community when you find it.

If you are currently searching for yourself or a loved one, Primrose would be honored to help you learn more about the assisted living options available to you.  Just visit for more information or to contact the Primrose closest to you.

Paws for Primrose

Primrose residents and staff donation check

Primrose residents and staff donation check

Primrose Retirement Community, of Mansfield, Ohio wanted to help our local Humane Society of Richland county who was in dire straits of closing their doors due to financial issues. “We heard about the Humane Society’s financial problems and wanted to help,” said Angela Gardner, the Life Enrichment coordinator at Primrose.

Primrose has challenged other local businesses to conduct their own fund-raisers because the Humane Society provides an important service to the community and it relies completely upon donations to operate.

“We know funds collected won’t be enough but we hope more people participate and contribute around the county to give the Humane Society time to figure out its future, “Angela said. “The dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, and other animals are counting on all of us,” she added.

We want to congratulate the warm hearts and giving spirit of the Primrose residents, family, staff, and visitors that participated in the Paws for Primrose event to help raise funds and items in order to help keep their doors open. Primrose raised $1,184 along with items that were needed to use in the facility such as cleaning supplies, food, litter etc.

Residents made it an outing to visit the facility and grant them their money and supplies. Residents also got to interact with the cats and kittens with one residents being very interested in adopting a cute orange kitty cat.