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Puppy Parade at Rapid City Primrose

Gordon Wangen with his dog, Pepper

Gordon Wangen with his dog, Pepper

Scotty Stephens with his dog, Missy

Scotty Stephens with his dog, Missy

Tony and Delores Schaefer with daughter's dog, Daisy (and Oscar)

Tony and Delores Schaefer with daughter’s dog, Daisy (and Oscar)

Glen Schut with his dog Max, a corgi & blue heeler mix

Glen Schut with his dog Max, a corgi & blue heeler mix

Rapid City, SD, Retirement Communities

March 23, 2016 was National Puppy Day. Primrose of Rapid City, SD, had a puppy dog parade. Most of the residents came upstairs to see all the dogs brought in by family members. The residents that own dogs brought their own. Black Hills Fox News came to Primrose to video the parade and interview the residents. KOTA Territory news also came to Primrose and videoed the dog parade.

Fox News interviewed Gordon Wangen and Scotty Stephens. They both own wiener dogs. The residents voted on the best dressed dog. Gordon Wangen’s dog, Pepper, won the best dressed prize. Fox News also interviewed Shirley Wright, the activity director at Primrose. Anyone wanting to see the video of the Puppy Parade can go to Black Hills Fox New and click on the date of March 23, 2016. You can see the complete interview. You can also watch KOTA Territory News on Google and see the segment that news station videoed at Primrose.
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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Pueblo Primrose

Resident Laura collecting her prize for winning a St. Patrick’s Day game

Resident Laura collecting her prize for winning a St. Patrick’s Day game

Pueblo, CO, Retirement Communities
Here at Primrose of Pueblo, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day so we made sure to celebrate with a boom! We had a “lucky social” in the pub for our residents. We served Irish potato candy, a sweet lucky charm treat, green St. Patricks’ punch, and of course we couldn’t leave out the green beer. We also served shamrock shaped sugar cookies from a local bakery that were wonderful!

Life Enrichment team members, Brett and Heidi, decorated the pub with shamrocks and a handmade rainbow with a pot of gold that was filled with gold nuggets. The residents made sure to wear lots of green so no one got pinched. We had our very own Irish Trivia and for each question that was answered right small prizes were given out.

Prior to St. Patrick’s Day we had a Shamrock hunt where several shamrocks were hidden throughout the building. We had the residents turn in their Shamrocks and the person with the most won a prize. Our residents always enjoy a chance to get out of their apartments and socialize but the “Lucky Social” was a special one. One where everyone is Irish and it’s acceptable to wear all green, drink green punch, or beer, and eat delicious treats. We look forward to being Irish again next year on March 17!

Thank You from Residents at Zanesville Primrose

Primrose residents Taylor and Jan Stults

Primrose residents Taylor and Jan Stults

Zanesville, OH, Retirement Communities
Thank you to the staff of Primrose Retirement Community of Zanesville, those of whom deserve praises for continually showing daily acts of kindness and professionalism. Keep up the good work….and thank you and our deep appreciation to each staff member.

March 1, 2016 we begin our seventh year here at Primrose, and each day we marvel at our good fortune of choosing Primrose of Zanesville for our retirement years. We currently live in one of the Townhome Villas, where we were able to transplant many of our outdoor plants from our own home in New Concord, OH. We also share this lovely garden with our neighbor who also has a great love for gardening.

We love all Primrose has to offer. We participate in many of the activities such as, Primrose Bell Choir, Sing-a-longs, Hoover entertainment and much more. We also utilize the Wellness Center every morning to jump start our day.

Great Food and Fellowship at Mansfield Primrose

A resident enjoying a special St. Patrick’s Day breakfast

A resident enjoying a special St. Patrick’s Day breakfast

Mansfield, OH, Retirement Communities
At Primrose in Mansfield we serve 3 meals a day starting with breakfast. Each day features different menu options as we strive to give our residents plenty of choices and the best food we can provide.

Our breakfast options include eggs made to order, pancakes, homemade waffles, French toast, grits, yogurt and granola, varieties of breads and English muffins, cold cereal, and oatmeal.

Our lunch menu also provides a variety of foods that include homemade pasta dishes, Beef Stroganoff, seafood items, fresh salads, and great desserts.

Dinner menus range from soup sandwiches to casseroles and Italian dishes. We also ask our residents to give us any of their favorite foods so they can be incorporated into the menu.
Gluten free items are available for those with dietary restrictions.

We strive to give our residents and their guests a great dining experience. We want them to enjoy good food and fellowship and we want them to know that we are here to serve them.

In a few weeks we’ll start grilling outdoors. This is another dining experience our residents love.
Spring is here, stop in to take a tour and enjoy a meal and maybe you will love it and decide this the perfect retirement community for you!

Shawnee Primrose Residents Visit Eagle Aviary

A Primrose resident enjoying a Golden Eagle up close

A Primrose resident enjoying a Golden Eagle up close

Recently, residents from Primrose Retirement Community of Shawnee, OK, visited the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) Eagle Aviary. The CPN Eagle Aviary offers a permanent home to injured eagles who have been rescued from the wild.

Only a few Native American aviaries exist in the United States and this facility is a beautiful example of architecture and natural habitat for the eagles. A running steam flows through the aviary surrounded by boulders and indigenous flora and fauna. The eagles have a misting machine that turns on automatically during the day, which they all enjoy. They wait patiently in their designated misting spots before it even turns on!

The caretakers of the Aviary are members of the Potawatomi Nation. They shared with the residents the special care they provide for the eagles as well as the eagle’s significance to their culture. The Potawatomi respect and honor the eagle as a messenger to the creator. Because they fly so high, they believe the eagle carries their prayers up to their great father.

The aviary is currently home to fourteen American Bald Eagles and one Golden Eagle. Primrose residents enjoyed learning the Potawatomi cultural significance of the eagle as well as getting up close to one of our nation’s most prominent symbols of strength and beauty.

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Food Service Work Rewarding at Lancaster Primrose

Lancaster residents and food service staff

Lancaster residents and food service staff

With March being National Nutrition Month, it is of great importance to know that working in food service is a rewarding and challenging job.

The rewards of working in food service involve getting to try new and challenging recipes and seeing the reactions of our residents when they really like and enjoy what is being prepared for them.

There are many different aspects of nutrition that a lot of people don’t realize. Many of our residents and family members are interested to learn how many different types of special diets we cater to at Primrose.  Some residents are on sugar limitations, some on salt limitations, and some are on diets where certain foods are restricted.  Everyone is different in what they can and can’t have.

This is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had beside raising my family. Cooking is my passion.

Jana Lehman
Dietary Manager
Primrose Retirement Community of Lancaster, OH

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Helping Hands at Marion Primrose

Nancy Reep

Nancy Reep puts the finishing touch on the last hat.

On two balmy March days, Marion Primrose residents and staff cut, sewed, snipped, and tied 24 stocking caps to be given to preschool children at the local Head Start.

The idea came about as our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Brenda Donegan, helped make 48 stocking caps with her Altrusa Club for the Boys and Girls Club. “I thought the preschoolers probably needed to keep warm, too,” Brenda said. “So shopping I went. I purchased 4 1/2 yards of felt and we were able to make the 24 hats.”

“Those are sharp,” said Nancy Reep, one of the residents working on the project. “I think this is something we should do all the time. It makes you feel good. The kids will love these.”

As the project was completed, the temperature outside neared 70 degrees. But in Ohio, the month of March is often the worst of the winter so the children may get some use from them yet.

Sandra Rowe, Executive Director, was overjoyed with the project. She said she would like to see us do one community project every month or two. “It’s a good way to get our name out in the community,” she said. “Just think how that can help us as well as the recipients.”

Brenda and the four residents delivered the hats to Head Start on March 10.
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Celebrating National Nutrition Month at Zanesville Primrose

Nancy Argo

Nancy Argo, Zanesville Primrose Dining Services Director

What our residents eat affects their overall health and well-being.  Eating the right foods for the body and mind means more energy to do all the wonderful activities offered at Primrose. Our restaurant-style service means that residents can relax and enjoy their meals which contributes to better digestion.

Primrose has a high standard for our dining services to ensure that our residents are living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide variety different food choices throughout the month, and when in season, we focus on providing local and fresh foods – for example:
•    Made to order breakfast
•    Made from scratch food by trained staff that cook with love
•    Choice of beverages
•    Appetizer with all noon meals
•    Dessert with both lunch and dinner
•    Service with a smile

We pride ourselves on our dining experience and are always asking our residents for their feedback and suggestions. We encourage them to share their favorite recipes. We hold a food committee meeting and resident committee meeting monthly for them to share their thoughts.
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Celebrating Healthy Senior Lifestyles at Wasilla Primrose

Wasilla Primrose residents

Primrose residents gather for a 100th birthday party

Experiences with aging will vary from person to person. People who continue to maintain close friendships and interact socially live longer and are happier overall.  There are many benefits to staying social like lower blood presure, potentially reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, reduced risk of depression, and many more.

As we age, we need to remain an active part of the community we live in. Social integration is key to staying mentally healthy.  Most seniors want to do more than just keep busy – they want to make a difference – and Primrose strives to provide everyone with opportunities to get involved that meet their interests.

After moving to a new community there is a period of adjustment; but the Life Enrichment Coordinator will be of great assistance in making the transition smooth. They are a good source of information.

Residents showing off their Zumba exercise class shirts

Residents showing off their Zumba exercise class shirts

Staying socially and physically active are important part of healthy aging. Stay active, vibrant, and social!

Pueblo Primrose Celebrates National Nutrition Month

Primrose residents enjoying lunch

A few of our residents at Primrose enjoying their delicious lunch!

Here at Primrose of Pueblo, we focus on good nutrition every day for our residents.

For many of our residents, the pleasure of eating great food is made even better by sharing the dining experience with their friends.  We always encourage our residents to attend the many activities and events going on in our building because they foster new friendships which carry over to dining.

Our restaurant service allows residents to have choices, flexibility, independence, and control over what they choose to eat.  Having attractive silverware and crystal, residents have the opportunity to feel like they are in an elegant restaurant.  Subdued lighting, flowers and comfortable chairs enhance the dining experience.  All of this encourages residents to relax, fellowship with others, and eat a well-balanced meal.

When preparing meals, we consider all food groups.  We ensure that there is enough of a balance in what is served to avoid repeating main dishes too often.  We meet with a dining committee monthly to get feedback on the meals that are being served and we do rounding in the dining rooms to get immediate feedback.  The dining experience is an important one for most people, and we want to be sure we are attentive to the needs of our residents in this area.

A great advantage we have with Primrose is to be able to write our own menus.  We also do plate studies that can tell us if an individual resident is not eating properly.  If we discover that a resident is not eating well, the director of dining follows up with them to see what we can do to improve.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a change in medication or they may not be feeling well and we can give them a lighter meal for the day.

Our goal is to provide a healthy living environment, and nutrition is the basic medicine of life!

For additional information please contact:
Dan Smilloff
Communications Manager
605-226-3300 ext. 3982

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