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Resident Celebrates 90th Birthday

Residents celebrate birthday in pub

Residents celebrate birthday

AJ Brownell, a resident at the Primrose Retirement Community of Council Bluffs, recently celebrated her 90th birthday in the Primrose Pub. AJ has been a happy resident of Primrose for nearly two years and was excited to enjoy the opportunity to celebrate this milestone birthday with her friends and family using the amenities available to her at Primrose.

AJ and her guests enjoyed a meal catered by our very own Primrose Chefs! AJ said the meal was “five-star” and made the comment that the food is one of the best things at Primrose.

AJ is originally from Neola, IA and moved to Council Bluffs where she worked at the Council Bluffs Savings bank for thirty-nine years and has been retired for twenty-eight years. AJ has plenty of friends but said the friendships formed at Primrose are invaluable. When asked, AJ said that her two favorite things about Primrose are the friendships and the food!

An active social life is an integral part of the Primrose “This Is Living” experience. To find out more about the senior lifestyle at our Primrose Retirement Community of Council Bluffs, request information today!


The Mansfield Music Scene

Music at Primrose in Mansfield

Ed Piatt plays ukulele for residents

Mansfield, Ohio Primrose Retirement Community of Mansfield believes in many things: quality healthcare, independent lifestyles, convenience, security and definitely entertainment! As part of our social calendar at Primrose, each month is filled with a variety of musical entertainers such as pianists, vocalists, bands, choirs and more.

Just a sample of the variety of music that appears at Primrose include “The Backyard Band” that frequently plays in the Primrose Café, bringing their bluegrass sounds to all of the country music lovers. Dick Tobin delights crowds on the piano as he rocks the halls of Primrose with his rock ‘n roll and funky blues tunes. Becky Pittman, our most anticipated Music Therapist, brings her talents here every week. For Becky, we have to add the “s” to talent because she sings, plays the flute, the guitar and more! Additionally, for all the saxophone lovers, Curtis Chamberlain comes to Primrose with his amazing alto sax renditions of the most popular songs our residents grew up with. While it isn’t a popularity contest, the staff is fairly confident the ladies like Curtis more.

Some of the most recent additions to the musical entertainment catalog at Primrose came as a surprise when it was discovered that several Primrose employees are musicians! The residents pack the house to sit and listen to our wonderful housekeeper Janice play her guitar and sing with a country-twang twist. You never know what you might hear on the radio next – it could be “The Primrose Country-Twang Twist.”

Another musical newcomer at Primrose is Ed Piatt and his ukulele. While the spelling of this instrument is very difficult, listening to Ed Piatt strum along to songs our residents love is very easy. Ed’s beautiful tenor voice provides beautiful accompaniment to the sounds of his ukulele. It isn’t often you get to enjoy an instrument like this without going to a fancy beach somewhere.

At Primrose, we say “This is Living!” We believe in providing an active social life that includes entertainment like the musicians who appear frequently at our Primrose Retirement Community of Mansfield. Learn more about the worry-free lifestyle that can be found at a Primrose near you!


Primrose Residents Enjoy Senior Exercise Class

Seniors exercising during Fitness Class

Senior fitness class

Seniors exercising during Fitness Class

Stretches and range of motion exercises

Zanesville, Ohio, Primrose At Primrose Retirement Communities our residents engage in active, healthy lifestyles to enjoy their lives to the fullest potential. Through building strength, extending range of motion, promoting flexibility and providing cardiovascular exercise our seniors get a complete workout during Senior Exercise class, which is offered every Wednesday afternoon in the Wellness Center and is open to the public as well.

Instructor Betsy Thomas from Genesis Lifestyle and Fitness Center comes to Primrose and utilizes our on-site fitness center to teach the class. The hour-long class is free to the residents, but is $5 per class for the public. Thomas has been teaching the classes at Primrose since July 2009. Exercises are done in both standing and sitting positions.

To find out more about active senior lifestyles at Primrose, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today to see more of our fun and social living. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


Hats Off to You!

Crazy Hat social hour

Crazy Hat social hour

At Primrose Retirement Community of Sioux Falls, social hours are a great time to relax with friends and enjoy some appetizers, soda, and wine. There is always a feeling of excitement in the air and tenants often invite their friends and families in to partake in the fun. However, there is more to social hour than just showing up to visit. One example of this is a recent themed social hour called “Crazy Hat Social Hour.”

This provided a great opportunity for tenants to dig out their old hats that hadn’t worn in years, have fun and showcase the vibrant and creative hats for their fellow tenants to see! The turnout was wonderful with a huge variety of hats on display. Additionally, prizes were given for the following categories: Most Original Hat, Largest Hat, and Most Creative Hat.

In addition to the residents, our Primrose of Sioux Falls staff also participated in the party and voted on the three winners. The most original hat went to Marguerite for her homemade hat with Ensure bottles. Her hat was a huge hit and made everyone look twice!

The “Largest Hat” winner was Rachel with her huge witch hat and veil. “Most Creative Hat” went to Clara for the colorful display of flowers on her head. Gift cards were given to the winners along with award certificates to hang by their doors.

At Primrose Retirement Community, we’re redefining retirement. Don’t think a retirement community can’t be fun! Visit Primrose of Sioux Falls, join us for a tour and see for yourself all of the perks of living at Primrose.


Residents Visit B-17 Bomber

Casper residents visit B-17 bomber

Residents visit B-17 bomber
(photo courtesy Wyoming Scenic Photos)

Residents and veterans of Primrose Retirement Community of Casper, Wyoming took a journey into the past to see the famous B-17 named “Liberty Bell.” This particular B-17 is one of only fourteen flying fortresses still in the air today.

Primrose of Casper Executive Director, Kenyne, chauffeured residents on the Primrose Van to the Natrona County International Airport.  For over two hours, residents were able to tour the airplane and listen to the many reflections of war from their friends and peers. After sharing a great cup of coffee with the pilots, the residents and Director made the return trip to Primrose, ready for adventure another day. 

To see such an exciting part of history was a great experience for those who made the trip. Some of the comments from those on the trip included :

“I thoroughly enjoyed a fieldtrip on the Primrose Bus to see the B-17 that landed at the Casper Airport. I had never seen a B-17 before or been this close to an airplane. I was able to tour the plane, spend time with friends, and get a great cup of coffee! The plane seemed so large, but there was so little space for all of the men to work in.”

“It was such a special day at the airport that the newspaper was there to follow the Primrose residents around. We had many veterans that joined us on this fieldtrip and it sure was a trip down memory lane for them. After several delightful hours, we returned to our lovely homes at Primrose,” said Freda Hoffman. Grethe Sikes added “It was such a great trip I enjoyed it so much. My husband Bill was a pilot on the B-17 he had told me many stories of his missions. So it brought back many memories. We just had a good time.”

At Primrose Retirement Communities, we provide an active, social lifestyle for our residents including opportunities such as this day trip to get out and experience a ‘living’ part of history that brings back many memories for some of our residents. To learn why our residents say “This Is Living!”, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today.


WWII Veteran Talks About Honor Flight Program

Seniors celebrating Mother's Day with a pedicure

WWII Veteran Roy Dittus

Dittus shows souvenirs from his trip

Dittus shows souvenirs from his trip

Dittus shows souvenirs from his trip

Residents listened to Dittus’ presentation

Primrose of Bismarck resident, Roy Dittus gave a presentation to the residents and staff about his experience with the Honor Flight program. Like a number of our residents, Roy is a proud WWII veteran. He was recently given a great opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, with other veterans.

Roy served in the United States Navy from October of 1942 until October of 1945. After his training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, he was sent to Kauai, Hawaii to help set up a Naval Hospital. After Hawaii, Dittus was transferred to Guam with the 5th Marine Division as a medic during the invasion. He returned to Oahu and was then sent back to Guam to retrieve those who had perished in battle. At the end of the war he boarded the Enterprise as a medic where their ship carried 1,800 wounded soldiers home. Roy describes his war experiences as “unpleasant” as could be understood by any in the audience.

Roy traveled to Washington, DC in April with over 90 local veterans as part of the Roughrider Honor Flight program. While in DC, Roy got the opportunity to see many memorials in his honor. The group traveled to the Vietnam, Lincoln, and Korean Memorials. They attended a special reception and dinner. The next day, Roy and his fellow veterans went to see places such as the World War II Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery. It was a very busy two days for Roy.

For his presentation, Roy wore the cap, t-shirt, and jacket that was given to him. He also wore his nametag and brought photo albums and other souvenirs from his trip. The residents were very eager to hear about the memorials and the details of Roy’s trip. Overall, Roy described his trip as, “a very good experience.” He said that many of the places were “unreal”. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier topped Roy’s list as the best place to see, followed by the Lincoln Memorial. As Roy told the other residents, he would “certainly recommend this trip to any veteran”.

Independent Senior Living at Wasilla, Alaska

things to do at the Wasilla Primrose retirement community

Primrose Retirement Community perfectly complements the active senior lifestyle, with modern amenities, senior activities both inside and outside the community and beautiful living accommodations.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how inviting our community is. You’re greeted by staff who attend to your needs in a kindly and efficient manner. Whether it’s parking your vehicle or fixing your fireplace, you can count on Primrose staff to do the job right.

From sun up to sun down — and sometimes even later — there’s something to do at our retirement community. You can pursue your lifelong dream of studying famous chess games, or you can hike along high mountain passes and winding streams. Of course, you’ll have a great social life because we’ve got activities going on all the time.

Getting around is easy: start your vehicle and press the gas pedal…or, hop on our bus for shopping trips, appointments and touring the great Alaskan landscape. Anchorage is one of our favorite destinations.

At the end of the day, you’ll find our apartment homes cozy and spacious. You can wind down in comfort, knowing that there isn’t a chore list waiting for you tomorrow. So you can enjoy a late-night movie in the theater or a thrilling game of cards with your neighbors.

It’s all okay at Primrose. Enjoy.

For a fun-filled retirement, call the Wasilla Primrose Retirement Community today. We’ll happily show you our community and invite you to stay awhile.

Come see why we say,


Wasilla Retirement Community for Active Seniors

Pursuing your interests in a senior living community environment has never been easier because Primrose seniors enjoy modern amenities, great food, maintenance-free apartment homes and the best in fitness. Your mind and body are free to pursue whatever you wish.

tour Alaska one mountain at a Primrose

Great Alaskan Sky!

traveling art shows

Traveling Art Shows

senior with biographers

Seniors share with biographers

The world awaits you at Primrose. If you don’t feel like driving, hop on the bus and run to Anchorage for shopping or appointments or tours. Or, drive to your favorite mountain range to study its slopes and trees. Watch its peak contrast against the great Alaskan sky.

There’s so much to enjoy when you don’t have to worry about maintaining a home — your time is free to enjoy all the day has to offer. Step into a Primrose retirement community and you’ll see we’re busy pursuing art, interests, passions, fitness and favorable pastimes!

Whether indoors or out, you can explore Alaska’s cultural landscape. Primrose features visiting art shows, musicians and other performing artists. Let your greater intellect indulge in the entertainment.

Home at Primrose is home with friends and family. Go ahead…invite your family for an outing or stay-over — our guest suites were designed to comfortably accommodate your guests.

Comfort and entertainment at Primrose is enjoying time and friends, and doing whatever your heart tells you to do is one of life’s greatest joys.

Call us to experience senior living at its finest.

neighboring retirement community in Alaska

Neighboring Alaska communities: our retirement community is near Willow, Houston, Big Lake, Knik-Fairview, Anchorage, Butte, Palmer, Lazy Mountain, Chickaloon, Tanaina, Gateway, Meadow Lakes, Sutton-Alpine, Buffalo Soapstone and Fishhook Alaska.

To enjoy active senior living at the Wasilla Primrose, contact us today! Come celebrate your senior years with Primrose and see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


Moving to a Retirement Community

retirement community checklist

“Can I test drive the community?” Many seniors feel that a test drive is the best way to evaluate a retirement community’s environment. Often at stake is the senior’s sense of independence, and moving away from home especially shakes that sense. To get an accurate feel for what they’re getting into, seniors should ask the community if it offers guest suites or respite suites with shorter stay requirements. A short stay will provide a good appraisal of the apartment home’s look and feel, staff performance, amenities, comfort, entertainment and activities, and dining experience.

First and foremost, your retirement community of choice should offer you an opportunity to dine in house. Senior living focuses on meal time as both social and physical needs being met. Considering the importance of diet and neighbors, this will be a significant deciding factor. If the food doesn’t measure up, your next question might be, “Can I get that to-go, please?”

A retirement community should provide a sense of community! Are the senior residents enjoying life? Are there plenty of things to do? Is the community appealing both aesthetically and emotionally? Are the apartment homes comfortable and well-maintained?

Are there group activities? Community projects? A thoughtful retirement community will promote social activities to celebrate every senior’s need for social well-being, while also focusing on the individual’s interests and hobbies.

Working folks know the adage that there’s nothing more rewarding than a hard day’s work, but retirees need only occasional exercise. The retirement community you choose should have numerous outlets for physical activity — walking trails, fitness center, scheduled exercise activities — and preferably avenues for participating in the larger city community.

Does the retirement community have a chapel? Are there visiting pastors? Is there a Bible study group? Seniors requiring spiritual guidance or those who worship regularly shouldn’t have to look far. At the very least, transportation should be provided to accommodate off-site worship times.

Many seniors continue to drive their own vehicles when they move to a retirement community. Garages and off-street parking are the bare minimum for senior drivers.

When seniors decide to stop driving, the retirement community should have a transportation program in place for shopping and appointment travels.

To find out more about senior living at Primrose, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!


Mothers Celebration Enjoys Laughter Workshop

Seniors celebrating Mother's Day with a laughter workshop

Mrs. Giggles entertains

Seniors celebrating Mother's Day with laughter

Laughter workshop enlightens

Seniors celebrating Mother's Day with a pedicure

A celebration of singing and laughter

On Friday, May 7th, Primrose Retirement Community of Bismarck, ND held its annual “Celebration of Mothers”. This special event is where we celebrate the women who live at Primrose and honor them for their dedication to others. Our Primrose residents invited their daughters, granddaughters, and close friends to share in the festivities and to enjoy a day in their honor.

To accommodate the large number of guests, the main dining room and front common area were filled with tables and chairs. Each table was festively set with brightly colored arrangements and place settings featuring spring-colored rose petals and balloons to accent the arrangements. The event kicked off with a wine, cheese, and fruit social hour where the residents and guests were able to enjoy some time with their friends and family and meet new people as well.

After everyone settled into their places, “Mrs. Giggles” began the entertainment. “Mrs. Giggles” is a local Bismarck entertainer and educator that specializes in Laughing Workshops, Laughing Classes, and Laughter Therapy. For the Celebration of Mothers, she presented a special Mother’s Day Laughter Workshop, which had the group laughing and clapping along. In recognition of the honored guests of the day, she brought tiaras for the mothers to wear. The goal of the Laughter Workshop was to bring out the kid in everyone by playing with finger puppets, tickling with feathers, and singing songs together. The residents truly enjoyed the experience and many of the residents and guests placed the feathers in their hair. “Mrs. Giggles” talked about the importance of having a positive attitude and a love of oneself. As a way to bring this to everybody’s attention, “Mrs. Giggles” gave each person an envelope and a blank piece of paper to write themselves a letter about all the things they love.

Our Primrose residents and their guests thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of laughing and singing with their loved ones. After “Mrs. Giggles” workshop was over, door prizes were given away.

In closing, the residents and guests were thanked by Administrator Melanie Soupir. Melanie also recognized the Director of Nursing, Laura Osse in conjunction with the beginning of National Nurse Appreciation Week.  Soupir stated, “Laura works tirelessly on behalf of our Residents and we are truly blessed to have such a caring, compassionate, dedicated nurse looking out for the well-being of our Residents.” Laura was then presented with a bouquet of flowers.

The afternoon wrapped up with more wine, cheese, fruit, conversation, and of course,w more laughs.

To find out more about fun and laughter at Primrose, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today. We’ll happily answer all your questions and show you around our beautiful communities. Come see why we say, THIS IS LIVING!