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Zanesville Primrose Executive Director’s Passion for Work

Shala Steinman, Executive Director

Shala Steinman, Executive Director

Recently at our 2017 Executive Director Leadership Conference we were encouraged to “Find our Why.” My “why” is building relationships. It enriches the lives of our residents, employees, family members and myself. When you know your why it keeps you going, even on the tough days.

It’s also essential that we encourage our team members to find their own personal why. This helps in creating a culture that your team deserves and makes them want to work and stay at Primrose for a great length of time. This also allows us to create that great team approach so we are all working together to create a great experience for our residents, employees, family members, and prospects. We are all here to provide a person-centered approach when caring for others.

I have been an employee of Primrose for nine years and I can truly say that I love my job and love coming to work every day. Working in this environment is so rewarding because you know at the end of your work day that you have touched someone’s life in some meaningful way. It can be one simple thing that you have done that will mean the world to a resident, employee, family member, or prospect.

The other great thing about my job is I feel like I come to work every day to be with 90 different grandparents. At times, some of these residents have no one other than the staff, or their families may live far away and are not able to come visit often, so we can help fill that void.

One of our company’s core values is passion. We should show our passion through serving our residents, employees, family members, and prospects to make our communities successful. I have learned over time that through passion we are showing others that we truly are putting everyone at the heart of Primrose.

I encourage everyone to visit Primrose so you can experience what I feel every day coming to a Primrose community!

by Shala Steinman, Executive Director

Mansfield Primrose Resident Teaches Art

Jeane with one of her artistic creations

Jeane with one of her artistic creations

Jeane teaches art classes at Primrose, which take place twice a month. She has previously worked as a freelance commercial artist. She is always trying to get residents to participate and lets them know it requires no special talents or experience.

“You’d be surprised,” Jeane said. “Some of them have some real talent. They don’t really realize that, but I hope they stay with it because you never know. We start out on very simple projects that sometimes I think they wonder why are we doing this? But it’s about taking it in steps and doing perspective points and color schemes and shades and not about making beautiful pictures to start with. That comes later,” she added.

Jeane will be hosting an art show with her students’ work to be displayed in the fall.

Sioux Falls Primrose Participates in Alzheimer’s Association ‘Longest Day’

Sioux Falls staff on The Longest Day, 2017

Sioux Falls staff on The Longest Day, 2017

The National Alzheimer’s Association held its “The Longest Day” event on June 21st, 2017, and Primrose of Sioux Falls, SD was proud to partner with them to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Primrose communities across the country wore t-shirts bearing the logo “Together we can create lasting memories” and many pictures were displayed on face book. It was great to see so many participate.

The Sioux Falls Primrose hosted a speaker, Sue Blair Brown, who wrote and Illustrated a book called “Making & Keeping Memories.” It was written to help family and friends understand the effects of Alzheimer’s on their loved ones. When one person in a family is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it truly affects everyone in the family. We hope with further education about Alzheimer’s it can lead to a better life for the ones who are affected.

We hope this day was a great way to honor those with Alzheimer’s and we are thankful for the continued support of our Primrose communities and the employees who give of their time to assist when needed.

July 4th Tradition at Lancaster Primrose

Primrose residents and staff getting ready for the parade

Primrose residents and staff getting ready for the parade

Each year it has been a tradition that Primrose Retirement Community of Lancaster participate in our July 4th parade. This year was the first for several of our residents and our new Sales Director, Krista Graham.

Once we learned our spot in the parade, several staff members decorated the bus while waiting for our cue to start driving. It was a perfect day for a parade, and there was not an empty seat on the bus.

The residents were very excited to be in the parade, and were dressed in their red, white, and blue – some with hats and some with funny wigs. Hundreds of people watched on each block of the parade route. There were so many people there that they were lined up on the sidewalks and in the streets, and the residents had a wonderful time waving at the spectators. We all got back to Primrose just in time for a wonderful July 4th cookout.

Lancaster Primrose Celebrates Father’s Day

Senior resident enjoying Father's Day

Don with his sons Dave and Bob

On Father’s Day, we like to do “Doughnuts with Dad” in Lancaster to honor the fathers here at Primrose. We served different kinds of doughnuts along with coffee, and all who were in attendance had a nice time in fellowship with one another. They talked about what they did for a living, what branch of service they were in, and a couple of the fellas found out that they had a common interest in the McConnelsville, OH area.

We asked a couple of the residents what was the best part of being a dad was. Don stated that “the best part of being a dad is having children and the reward of spending time with them and sharing the same interests. There’s no better feeling than knowing your children have grown up to be great human beings.”

Joe stated that he likes it when his son invites them over to his house for dinner and he has a big smile on his face.

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Findlay Primrose

Resident Nancy’s Mother, Hazel

Resident Nancy’s Mother, Hazel

Findlay Resident Nancy has some wonderful memories of her mother, Hazel, who owned and operated “Hazel’s” restaurant in Carey, Ohio.

One of seven children, Nancy recalls that they moved several times throughout her childhood, but no matter how humble the structure of their residence, her mom always managed to make their house a home.

“She had great taste in decorating and our place always looked classy,” she said.

“And birthdays were always a special day for each of us,” she added.

This was a tradition carried down to the next generation, and her grandchildren always loved to visit Grandma Hazel.

Employee Celebrates with Mom

Pauline and Karen

Pauline and Karen

Assistant Executive Director Karen Barchent enjoyed having her own mother living at Primrose.

“She moved here in 2010 after being referred by resident Bud,” she said.

“She absolutely loved the apartment she shared with her tiger kitty, Jade. I got to visit her often since we live only a few miles from here, so when an office assistant job became available in 2014 I was happy to fill the position.”

Pauline lived in Apt. 103 until her death in 2015 and Karen will cherish those memories always.

Zanesville Primrose Residents Stay Active

Primrose residents enjoying exercise time

Primrose residents enjoying exercise time

Participating in a balanced fitness program contributes to your well-being at every age – and regular exercise is vital for older adults. Regular exercise can help control your blood pressure, body weight, and cholesterol levels. It reduces your risk of hardened arteries, heart attack and stroke. It also strengthens your muscles, and bones to help fight osteoporosis and lower your risk of falling or other injury. Keeping your body strong and limber can help you maintain your independence as you age. It allows you to continue the kinds of activities you have enjoyed your entire life.

If you have not been physically active for a while, start slowly. Gradually build your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Just walking for five or ten minutes at a time on several days each week, is a great way to begin. Once you can walk for 30 minutes at a time, you have built a solid foundation and are ready to add more challenging activities to your routine.

Endurance, or aerobic activities increase your breathing and heart rate. Strength exercises make your muscles stronger. Balance exercises prevent falls. Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay limber.

Any activity that increases your heart rate helps build aerobic endurance. It doesn’t take long to see significant changes. Even small changes to your overall muscle strength can have a huge impact on your life. Reports state that 2.5 million Americans are treated in emergency departments for injuries caused by falls. For older adults, even minor injuries can have serious consequences.

Have you noticed that reaching for objects on high kitchen shelves or doing basic activities, such as getting dressed, aren’t as easy as they used to be? Do your muscles often feel tight? You may need to add some stretches to your daily routine. Stretching is something you should do every day to help you maintain your range of motion as you age.

Celebrating Prom Days at Kansas City Primrose

Rosemary and Gary Duffy, King and Queen

Rosemary and Gary Duffy, King and Queen

We just finished celebrating our third annual prom on our newly remodeled patio!

We enjoyed margarita’s and a beautiful cake donated by Focus Home Care. Our residents also enjoyed a collection of great oldies music provided by CarrieOke!

Our theme this year was “Under the Big Top” in honor of the Ringling Brothers’ Barnum and Bailey Circus which is closing this month. Everyone voted for our prom king and queen, Gary and Rosemary. They are a huge part of our community and always helping neighbors in need.

It was a perfect day! The weather was 72 degrees and everyone enjoyed relaxing on the patio and visiting with friends. There was lots of laughter and dancing along with a few jokes. We are looking forward to fourth annual prom and enjoying many days and nights on our new patio.

Spring Fling at Sioux Falls Primrose

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

It is springtime here in Sioux Falls! We recently celebrated the warm weather and green grass with a spring fling for the residents. Entertainer Sandra Harmon provided a great variety of music for us to listen to, and the residents enjoyed seeing all the beautiful tables decorated with spring colors, pretty dishes, and real plants.

Each resident enjoyed some homemade treats made by our Life Enrichment Coordinator which included lemon cheesecake crescent rolls, fruit salad, nuts, mints, tea, and coffee. Everyone was also able to take home a little gift to remember the event. Door prizes were handed out, and each of the lucky winners received a beautiful spring plant. It was a wonderful morning for everyone. We would like to thank Sandra for the beautiful music and we hope all of you are having a great spring!

Safety First – Prevent Those Falls!

_a_blg-FallPrevention There are many reasons a person loses their balance and falls. It may be simply bending over to pick up an object that has fallen on the floor, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward. Maybe you are attempting to reach something that you have placed on a bottom shelf, way in the back, so you must bend over to attempt to reach the item and fall hitting your head on the cabinet. That pretty throw rug you just purchased to keep your floors clean has caused you to slip and fall.

As we age our reflexes and sense of balance decreases, our bones become more fragile and we are at increased risk for fractures and head injuries. Let’s admit it, we don’t bounce like we used to! You can decrease your risk for falls. Re-arrange your furniture so you have clear pathways. Keep items used within reach, usually waist high. Wear non-slip footwear at all times. Sit on your bed or chair to dress yourself instead of standing. No throw rugs! Sit when reaching for an object instead of standing. If you use a cane or walker, do not let go of it until you are seated. And of course, don’t forget to ask for help.

Remember, if you do not feel safe doing something for yourself let a family member or a Primrose Staff member know. We are happy to assist you!

by Rene Kilgore, RN, DON